Bigpond email setup using IMAP, POP, or SMT

If we are looking for a simple medium from which we can easily communicate with each other then, Email is the best option. It is easy, fast and simple which makes our work easier. Email is also an application that we have been using for a long time and still works effectively. Among all of the email clients, we suggest users create an account for Bigpond mail. It is a very simple designed email client where advanced and useful features are available. Users can gather all useful information about Bigpond, its features, security, and others. The only thing user will have to do is pick up their phone and dial us to Support Service.

Bigpond offers service for a single user to the corporate level, so in today’s article, we will be talking about setting up Bigpond using the IMAP, POP, or SMT. These are the system where user can set their email server and connect with the staff member. In the points given below, we have mentioned the detailed process for setting Bigpond mail using IMAP, POP, or SMT.

Imap Setting

  • Set account type to IMAP
  • Incoming server address to in port 993. Encrypted connection to SSL.
  • Outgoing server address to in port 465. Encrypted connection to SSL/TLS.

Pop or SMTP Setting

  • Set the account type to POP3.
  • Incoming server address to in port 995. Encrypted connection to SSL.
  • Outgoing server address to to port 465. Check the authentication is checked. Encrypted connection to SSL/TLS in port 465.

For more on Bigpond mail kindly reach out to Bigpond Customer Care Number.

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