Bigpond Send email isn’t appearing in the Sent folder?

Have you ever wondered which is the best email client software to use? Well, there are surely many options available on the web and all of them do promise fancy features. But in reality, not all of them provide the user with the promised features. In the following way,users don’t have enough trust in email client software. To change the mentality of users, Bigpond has come with the best feature for users. Bigpond also comes with many exciting features but the difference is, as time goes by the system and feature gets more advanced and better. Not like another email client which degrades as time passes by.To learn what Bigpond offers to users there is a Customer Care Center where all questions for Bigpond will be answered.

After getting started with the Bigpond email service user will find the true nature of using email software. Well,numerous new things come up while using Bigpond mail, one of them is facing issues. Issues are caused due to the user making some changes in their email account. There were issues where the user was not able to find sent mail on the sent folder. To know the reason behind it follow the steps given below.

  • If the storage capacity of the user’s email account is low or filled.
  • If the receiver’s email address is not entered correctly.
  • If the emails contained harmful assets or viruses.
  • It could also be caused if the internet is not working properly.

If the problem is still not solved then you can take help from our Official Bigpond Technical Support Center.

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