Bikini Waxing Aftercare Tips!

Girls, hopefully, the painful and irritating part is over and now you can perfectly flaunt your hair-free bikini zone. But there are still a few things that you’ve got to do to keep the bikini zone hair-free. Following these tips and tricks will also help you keep your biking line hair-free for a long time.

Now, you might say that every person has different skin types. And because of this, some are more prone to ingrown hair while others feel irritated after the wax. Well, you are right but the Brazilian wax Singapore aftercare tips that we have found will work for everyone. So, let’s get started.

● Avoid Sun: If there is one thing that you should remember after a good waxing session, it is avoiding the sun for at least 48 hours. Why, you may ask? It’s because wax actually exfoliates the skin that offers good protection against harsh UV rays. This means that if you ever go out in the sun just after your waxing session, get ready to welcome dark spots.

● Let Your Skin Breathe: Never ever wear tight fitting clothes after waxing. It’s because after you have removed the hair, your skin needs to breathe.

● Do Not Touch: We know it’s hard to resist that touching your smooth body after waxing but do not do it. See, our hands are prone to germs and touch the body after waxing might transfer the germs.

● No body lotion until the redness goes away: Do not apply body lotion until the redness goes away. It’s because regular lotions might irritate the skin.

If you follow these steps properly, you are going to have that smooth and silky body for a long time. And to get the Brazilian hair removal Singapore service, you can get in touch with Sugar(ed). It is a leading salon that was started by Jasmine. She is a talented and highly skilled Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring Educator.

Besides Jasmine, all the other professionals working at Sugar(ed) are highly trained and they know how to do the work. This means that when you are going to this salon, you won’t have to worry about anything.

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