Binding your FrSky Receiver

Binding your frsky receiver to your radio or transmitter is when you make a unique connection from your remote control to your receiver. This allowed the two men to talk in a way that no one else could understand, and eventually made it possible for hundreds of pilots to fly close to each other at the same time!

If you are interested in binding a Spektrum, crossfire, or other receiver or module to your transmitter, refer to the school’s course to see which course you should take. Some binding processes are more difficult than others. We like to tie learning to your receiver like riding a bicycle. Once you know how to do it, you will always remember it, and it will be like your second nature to your new quad.

Before you begin to bind the UAV, make sure you run the wiring diagram again to make sure everything on the quad is connected properly. Use a multimeter to make sure you send the correct amount of voltage to the frsky receiver. If your device needs a voltage of 5 volts, don’t use any stronger voltage, as this will cause your Rx to fry.

Always remove your props before you do anything with a quad.

When your receiver is installed correctly, you have checked your wiring, your props have left the UAV, and you are ready to bind:

Open your frsky radio station, go to the model you want to bind or create a new model.

Scroll down and you’ll see that it says Bnd (for bind).

Press enter on this option and you’ll hear your radio chirp. This is the binding sound.

Then you need to locate the bind button. Press and hold this button and insert your vehicle.

You will see a green light to let you know that you are properly bound.

Disconnect your quad and release the bundling button.

Take your radio out of bond mode.

Now start your ship without pressing anything, and you will see a green light to confirm that you have completed it correctly.

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