BingX Discord Mini Game Competition

BingX Discord Mini Game Competition

BingX Gaming Tournament, Prizes for All Participants!

  • Registration Start Time: 2022-11-05 22:00 (UTC+8)
  • Event Period: 2022-11-05 22:00 to 2022-11-11 22:00 (UTC+8)


Take Your Pick from One of the 8 Trade Teams

Trade Teams

Step 1: Open Discord, enter the BingX server, select the “GUILDS AND GAMES“, and enter “/join” to select a gaming team.

Step 2: Enter “/play” to start gaming, there are three games to choose from.

Step 3: Each game can be played up to six times a day, and points can be earned from playing the games.

Step 4: Enter “/leaderboard” to check your team’s total points, and enter “/display” to check each person’s respective points.


Team Prizes

Team points ranking, 1st-8th all have prizes

Team Points Ranking

Participation Prize: 10,000 DOGE Prize Pool


The top 200 players with the highest individual points will also get a * share of the 10,000 DOGE prize pool.

If more than 200 people are tied on points at the same time, then the 10,000 DOGE prize pool will be shared among more than 200 people accordingly.



  1. This event is only for registered Discord users who have joined one of the eight teams.
  2. Every Discord user + BingX UID can only receive one prize, multiple prizes cannot be claimed.
  3. The rewards will be issued within 3 working days after the event.




  1. Prizes will be issued within 48 hours after the winners are announced.
  2. BingX reserves the right to disqualify any users that engage in unfair behavior, including, but not limited to: multiple account use, impersonation, and malicious manipulation.
  3. For more questions about the tournament, please contact our professional tournament support @frantmen and @raizen for help.
  4. BingX reserves the right to the final interpretation of this event.


Risk Warning

Digital asset derivatives trading is highly leveraged and risky and may result in partial or total loss of account funds. Before participating in derivatives trading, investors must ensure that they understand the nature and rules of derivatives trading, and decide whether participating in derivatives trading is profitable. Investors should base their decision on their investment experience, goals, financial status, and ability to bear risks.


BingX Operation Team


About BingX

BingX is a cryptocurrency social trading exchange that offers spot, derivatives and copy trading services including but not limited to BTC USDT, XRP USDT, ETH USDT and Luna USDT to more than 100 countries worldwide with over 5 million users. The copy trading function implemented with our unique technology has benefited over 20,000 copy trading traders and 5,000 daily traders.

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