Birth Certificate Attestation

For children, official documents are the only form of identity. It includes the child’s real identity, birthplace, and parents’ identities. As a result, a marriage document is required for any possible projects you take out for your kid until they reach the age of majority.


A birth certificate is divided into non-paper work, which is significant since it determines which organisations will handle the testimony. Before the certification is accomplished, individual documents are usually forwarded to several agencies across the government.


During the authentication processes, your paperwork is subjected to safeguards applied by each agency.  Our service in Dubai will assist you with authentication requirements by removing the stress of interacting with government organisations.


Our representatives are knowledgeable in obtaining attestation for numerous papers, particularly birth certificate authentication. We ensure that our customer service professionals are available 24 hours a day to answer any inquiries our clients may have concerning their application protocols or status.


All necessary papers and birth certificates are delivered to the federal agency that issued the certificate in the initial instance. This is to get the paperwork attested by the country where it originated. Following the certification of the papers, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the land of provenance is called to confirm the authentication. They maintain a record of who performed the certification. After the testimony and documentation are finished, the embassy of the nation of origin is advised to contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to formalise the Ministry’s receipt of papers. The country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs accepts the paperwork, which requests authenticated copies.


Obtaining an attestation stamp from a government entity or department in India is a simple technique that will confirm the record’s authenticity. India Embassy document authentication of papers required to conduct operations in India or obtain a travel document for the comparable. It is significant since it will witness your suitability. To obtain document validation, one must provide evidence that we check at multiple levels of the available position. Only the persons who endorse the papers are permitted to authenticate the records.


Personalised certifications, educational attestations in Chennai, and commercial papers are all included in Document Attestation for India. It is a measure of assurance assures the Indian legislative body of your commitment. Similarly, doing so will build faith in the company and expert or simple cash executives when you go for work experience placement.


Public accountants do the Attestation before any other cycles containing report attestation. It is obtained from the neighbourhood’s administrative official, usually as a mark. It is the essential requirement of any legislation centralisation procedure.

The Home Department discriminates in authenticating specific papers, and the institutions can only certify particular reports, such as marriage and completion certificates.


The previous state model, HRD, or Human Resource Department, primarily checks comprehensive reports and pronouncements. It is yet another important method for demonstrating the trustworthiness of your academic record to your job or the college you wish to attend. This component of authentication requires a college check. Benchmark Documents Services also process Birth Certificate Attestation, Marriage Certificate Attestation, Degree Certificate Attestation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation for UAE, MOFA Attestation Dubai, Certificate Attestation, Apostille Services, UK certificate Attestation, US Certificate Attestation, Indian Certificate Attestation, Australia Certificate Attestation and Canada Certificate Attestation.

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