Birthday Cake Gets All Attention During The Parties


Birthday cakes are getting overwhelmingly popular among the children. The children birthdays and parties will be enjoyable when the colorful, delicious cakes in creative shapes and sizes become part of it. The cakes can be baked in the form of toys, cars, trains or animal shapes and decorated with matching colors, stuffed with cookies and sweeteners. Some of the most popular designs of cakes during celebrations are discussed below.

Animal Shaped Cakes
One of the over-sized cakes, which get all the attention in the children birthday party is the nicely colored giraffe stuffed with chocolates and surrounded by balloons. The cute safari theme is highly appreciated by the kids for decorating the cakes in various animals’ sizes. Moreover, the combinations of animals such as giraffe monkey or rabbit with tortoise look adorable, which the children find entertaining.

Cakes with Striking Color-combinations
Birthday cake decorated in transportation themes is equally trendy and doubles the enjoyment among the children.Cake in the shape of a car or train with matching colors looks realistic. The car-shaped cake in bright red color and blue wheels with whitish fluffy clouds around becomes a part of children’s dream. The color schemes such as polka dots or a light-colored fondant change the texture of the cake. The adults order such cake designs during the parties. The edible cake in much-preferred shape always brings a smile on a child’s face.

Decorated Cupcakes in varied Shapes
You can bake cupcakes in different sizes, frost it nicely and fill it with cracker crumbs. Children love the look and taste of the cakes. You can have cupcakes in equal sizes, arrange it in a shape and frost it. Decorate the shaped cake using different baking layers along the sprinklers. The small-shaped cupcakes attract the kids to have a great time during the birthday parties.

Rainbow Cakes
The rainbow-colored cakes are fascinating. The cakes remain popular among the children as well as adults. The nicely shaped, medium or large-sized cake is stacked with six different colorful layers while baking in a bigger pan. The cake looks delicious in rainbow color and remains the center of attraction of the party. The outside decorations remain outstanding but even when the birthday cake is cut, you will have every piece of it bursting in bright rainbow colors.

Other Popular Cake Themes
For the little girl, on her first birthday party, you can present your princess a castle-themed cake, which has rich ornate designs and decorations. The castle cake with a small tower displays elegant fences, flowers, and birds. The theme Hello Kitty is especially ideal for the girls celebrating their birthdays with style. The smiling big cat becomes a part of cake decoration and design.

Even in India today, the birthday celebration has become trendy and the birthday cake has become a part of the celebration. The well-established bakeries, such as India Flower Mall, offer the best of baking services while delivering the cakes to the people on various occasions such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, festivities and other parties. The cake will be delivered at your footstep, within few hours of online booking.

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