Bleach: The Role of Orihime in Ichigo’s Struggles

Ichigo Kurosaki is an exceptional character. We see him grow from just another teenager to a hero who helped save the world and earned the respect of Soul Reapers. But the intriguing thing about him is the fact that he never really planned on achieving things he ultimately ended up accomplishing. All that mattered to him ever was to make the world more peaceful and safer for the people he loved and cherished. His relationships were the very essence of his struggle as a Soul Reaper. They are what completes him as a human being, and one such meaningful relationship that makes him who he is is the one that he shares with Orihime Inoue. Orihime is, without a doubt, the most influential person in his life.

Rukia might not have a good understanding of Ichigo, but we can watch Orihime see right through him and accept him for who he is. Not only did they have a good understanding of one another, but without her, Ichigo might not have been able to go far. She is the most precious person for him, and he does everything he can to ensure she is safe.

The show makes it reasonably evident from the first few arcs that the two women who mean the most to Ichigo are Orihime and Rukia. Although it was Rukia who endowed him with his Soul Reaper powers and even trained him, it was Orihime who stood by him in every situation. In the Soul Society arc, it was she who helped out Ichigo in rescuing Rukia. In a strange turn of events, Orihime gained new powers while Rukia had lost her powers ever since she had given them to Ichigo. Orihime could use them to manifest fairies that had different abilities. She started using them to help her friends and defend herself against the Hollows. She often showed unbelievable courage in situations when things got terrible and stood by her friends, risking her own life although she was just an ordinary human being without any training or experience to deal with such difficult situations.

It was the Soul Society arc that cemented her position in Ichigo’s squad as she proved herself to be an indispensable member of the group as a healer and defender. It was her trust and respect for Ichigo that helped him become the Action Hero who later saved the world. Not just Ichigo, she even motivated Uryu Ishida, who was as committed as Ichigo, for ensuring that Orihime was safe.

During the invasion of Hueco Mundo, it was Orihime who got into trouble and needed help but even in those moments of she proved herself to be an ally and inspiration for Ichigo. It was she who had healed him and help restore his spirits after he had lost his life-fighting Ulquiorra; this was something that happened again when Ichigo fight Grimmjow for the final time. We see Ichigo’s motivations and drive when we when he had to fight Grimmjow and the time he defeats Sosuke Aizen, for him it was never about spite or a sense of revenge that was driving him but a genuine desire to help his friends out and to justify the faith that they had in him. The relationship that he shared with Orihime was worth risking everything he had. Both Orihime and Ichigo were heroes in each other’s eyes, and their trust and strength of spirit made their relationship stronger. Without her, it would have been impossible for Ichigo to keep his faith in himself.

Rukia might have been the reason that Ichigo became a substitute Soul Reaper, but it was Orihime who gave him the motivation to keep fighting. It was never Ichigo’s aim to earn the Soul Reapers’ appreciation or to either save the world, even though he did achieve all of those things as well, but they were always the byproduct. For him, his aim was always to ensure his loved ones’ safety, but most importantly, it was Orihime who he wanted to protect. Orihime felt the same way about Ichigo, and ever since her brother passed away, he became the most important person for her, and she knew that she wouldn’t be able to keep her feelings from him for long. She even visited Ichigo’s bedroom one night to confess some things to herself while she healed him. She knew how much she would miss Ichigo, who had stood him through thick and thin but unfortunately, she was abducted that night when she went to meet Ulquiorra. When Ichigo realized that she might be in trouble, he gathered all his strength to fight for her no matter how much he might have to sacrifice in the process.

Ichigo decided to retire as soon as he could to create a peaceful and safe world after the fall of Wandenreich. Instead of defining himself through other means that were in his reach, he chose to marry Orihime to prove that everything was just for her. For him, it was always about protecting his loved ones that mattered most, and fighting was just a means to an end. He always fought because it was necessary, not because he wanted something glorious and heroic to achieve for himself. Finally, marrying the love of his life symbolized his reason for fighting for so long. It was always about his passion for Orihime and people he cared for; the glory and respect that came to him for fighting was still irrelevant.

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