Allah Almighty has rewarded all the human beings with innumerable blessings and provides all the required things to human beings without demand. He has taken the responsibility of fulfilling the food requirements and all other essential requirements of human beings. He also says in Quran that if you count the blessings of Allah, you will be unable to count all these. He described Himself as forgiving and Merciful.

Blessings of Allah:

Allah showered His blessings especially upon Muslim Ummah. The first and foremost favor of Allah towards us is that we are born in the Ummah of Holy Prophet. We are gifted with many worships like in Hajj and Umrah Allah provides us a chance to become His guest and to get close to Him. Cheapest Umrah packages make our journey easy to the House of Allah. A human being should always remain thankful to Allah Almighty because He is providing everything without any demand.
Blessings of Allah Almighty hidden in Holy Quran:
There are the blessings that Allah has described in Holy Quran and these are explained below:

Holy Prophet as a blessing:

Allah has declared Holy Prophet as blessing in Holy Quran for all the worlds. He is the reason of creation of this universe. We are from the Ummah of Holy Prophet and being from the Ummah of Holy Prophet is a great blessing because most of the prophets desired to be among the Ummah of Holy Prophet.

Parents as a blessing:

Parents are also a great blessing of Allah Almighty who help you in growing up. They make you able to face the problems of this world also take care of you in every field of life. They pray for your success even when they become old. Allah measured His love for human beings with the love of mother.
Love and obedience of Holy Prophet:
Allah also explained the reward of love with Holy Prophet and obedience of Holy Prophet. Allah Almighty said in Holy Quran that Allah will love you when you will follow the teachings of Holy Prophet. Allah will forgive the sins of those who act upon the Sunnah of Holy Prophet and He is forgiving.

Trust in Allah:

Allah is enough for those who trust in Him and also He forgives the sins of all those Muslims who fear from Him. Help of Allah is for believers. Allah is with those who bear the pain only for Allah. He makes us superior when we have true faith and believe in Him.
Prayer as the blessing:
Prayer is also the blessing of Allah Almighty. Allah ordered 700 times in Holy Quran to offer prayer. Allah said in Holy Quran that my help is for those who offer prayer and do patience. We can come in direct contact with Allah by offering prayer.

Religion Islam as a blessing of Allah Almighty:

Not all the human beings in this world are Muslims and they are unaware of the secrets of Islam and the success in the world hereafter. It is also the blessing of Allah Almighty that He created us in the Ummah of Holy Prophet. He completed Islam and chose it as our religion. Religion Islam provides proper guidance in every aspect of human life and it also warns us to prepare for the Day of Judgment that is the bitter reality.

Eatables in this universe and in the world hereafter:

Different kinds of eatables like vegetables and fruits are the blessings of Allah. He provided us with Halal things and created whole universe for human beings. We learn to walk, eat, bear hardships and do everything with the help and permission of Allah Almighty.
Holy Quran contains many blessings hidden it and Muslims must explore it to know Allah and this universe. Reciting one letter of Holy Quran provides ten virtues and learning it by heart takes a person to the Heaven.

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