Blizzard Entertainment and head of the Diablo franchise

“It turns out that body type is intentionally tied to class roles as part of the game’s fantasy D2R ladder items,” stated Rod Fergusson, executive producer at Blizzard Entertainment and head of the Diablo franchise.

Fergusson observed that the designer intentionally created a “‘beer gut’ Druid and a gaunt Sorcerer” and stated, “Body type is something we view as a feature of the class dream.” Those are bits of what make the class the class, in specific respects, so having a lager stomach Necro or a starved Druid didn’t really play into the class dream.

“We needed to give as much variety as could be expected in terms of nationalities, hair, markings, and eye color, but there were certain things that made the class, and for Diablo 4, body type was one of those things.” According to Fergusson, body type and class examples are also incorporated into Diablo 4’s protective layer and stuff plan, in addition to all of the various beauty products that contribute to a class.

Making protection that fits the majority of a savage body would, at the end of the day, be like trying to downsize to a 90-pound version of a similar class. “The high-level goal was to provide the most high-level choice you had in a Diablo game,” according to Fergusson buy diablo II resurrected items. Although your barbarian will continue to be a barbarian, we wanted it to be more about personalization and customization: It will be strong and not a child.

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