Blogging Your Way To a Better Web-site and Online Visibility

Despite the umpteen million online articles that cater to some of the more common Google searches on the web today, there are still plenty of business owners who haven’t added blogging to their website and overall marketing strategy.

If you are one of those business owners, it’s time to consider blogs as another way to improve your company’s online visibility. Blogs are short web articles, similar to the one you’re reading right now, that allow you to share ideas and answers to common industry questions that current or potential clients regularly search for online. They are a critical addition to your website when it comes to attracting new visitors and sparking engagement.

  • Blogging improves your SEO – It’s one of the more effective ways to improve search engine rankings because you’re regularly adding valuable and fresh content to your website. You’re also incorporating important keywords that clients regularly use to search for the answers they need. The more content you provide, the better your search ranking.
  • Blogging keeps visitors on your website longer – It stands to reason that when visitors have more reasons to stay on your page, they will. They’ll read your blogs, they’ll check out your products and services, and they’ll organically seek out more information that will likely lead them to become a client. Basically, it gives your website a purpose.
  • Blogging converts visitors into customers – Blogging can be extremely persuasive when done correctly. Visitors will want to do business with you because they will have made an informed decision based on reading your blog.
  • Blogging gives you more to share on social media – When you blog, the last thing you want to do is let it sit there on your website. Share it with the world on Facebook, Twitter, and Google +. Not only will you give your blog more shelf life, but you’ll also reach different audiences.
  • Blogging sets you up as the authority on your craft – The key to blogging is to do it consistently. When you do, you set yourself up as the authority in the eyes of the consumer. When that happens, more business flows your direction.

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