BMW i8 – Is It worth Buying


BMW has been renowned for building no-compromise cars. Be it performance, appearance, comfort, or safety, BMW tops the list always. However, when i8 was launched a few years back, people doubted that the German brand would succeed. But, with its cutting-edge technology, futuristic design, and brilliant dynamics, the BMW i8 has become the best sports car with the economy at its heart.

Hybrid sports cars are increasingly common. Thanks to electricity’s performance-enhancing qualities. The BMW’s i8 is a sleek, futuristic, plug-in hybrid supercar. In short, the latest model BMW i8 is a very fast, plug-in sports car. The i8 has been the world’s highest-selling hybrid sports car ever since it was launched. Not to mention, it has secured an array of awards in recognition of its visionary design and concept.


The car is powered with a powerful 96-killowatt electric motor driving the front wheels and an efficient, powerful 230-horsepower, 1.5 litres turbocharged three-cylinder gasoline engine that motivates the rear wheels. The car can be switched on command between virtuous electric vehicle silence and Porsche-like engine when driven in sport mode. The performance of this sports car is amazing since both petrol motor and electric one together churn about 357bhp of power. This is one of the significant factors you need to consider. With a single charge, the electric motor has a range of 36kilometers. On the other hand, when it comes to petrol hybrid combination, there is sufficient power in it. Overall, the performance is good and there is more than sufficient pull from the engine like any other sports car.


BMW i8 is a stylish sports car with two forward-looking technologies, including powertrain electrification and lightweight carbon fibre body construction. The chassis is made of rigid aluminium. While the seating configuration is a four-seater, it is a sporty coupe with a symbolic gesture toward a rear-seat option instead of practical space for another couple of passengers. The car’s profile is characterized by a long wheelbase, short overhang, and low-slung sweeping silhouette. In short, the car is gorgeous.


The car can be charged anywhere, at the home, office, and public places like shopping malls and commercial places using bmw charging station. It takes a couple of hours to charge the vehicle using bmw i8 fast charger with 240-volt. Like other plug-in hybrids with relatively small battery packs, you could get away with charging from a 120-volt source. However, plugging in overnight can provide a full charge.

As you see, BMW i8 is worth buying for obvious reasons. If you are looking for bmw i8 charger type, get in touch with EVSE, a reputed electric car charger seller in Australia.

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