Boba Tea Open at Sheridan Rd Chicago, IL


Boba tea is one of the most versatile drinks out there. Widely known for its icy preparation and fruity flavors, bubble tea is available in more flavors and varieties than almost any other drink. And it can be enjoyed all year round in its different forms. Aside from tapioca pearls, bubble tea is available with a wide range of toppings including Strawberry, Oreo Crumbs, Coconut Jelly, Aloe, and dozens of other options. And then you can enjoy this drink in almost unlimited flavors. All this versatility gives boba tea a kind of popularity that is hard to match.

Gong cha, a widely popular premium tea brand with a global presence, is on an expansion spree and has recently opened many stores in Chicagoland. Its new store at Sheridan Road is already operational and is serving its 600-plus possible boba combinations to its customers in the region.

Premium Boba Becomes More Accessible to Chicagoans

With Gong cha’s new boba tea store at Sheridan Road, more Chicagoans will now be able to enjoy their favorite bubble tea at a store near them. Gong cha is an international premium tea brand with over 1800 global stores. The brand opened its first store in 2006 and has since expanded globally and reached different continents including North America and Europe.

“We are proud to open our latest store at Sheridan Road in Chicago. This will allow us to make our premium boba tea accessible to more Chicagoans,” the company’s spokesperson claimed.

What Makes Gong cha Boba Tea Special?

Every cup of boba tea offered at a Gong cha store is special. Only premium-quality tea leaves and ingredients are used in the preparation of each cup of tea. The tea leaves are sourced from the finest tea estates around the world. It is not just the quality of ingredients that makes Gong cha special, the way a customer is treated at the store is also what makes the brand stand out.

“Whether you visit our new store at Sheridan Road or anywhere else in the U.S. or elsewhere, you will be greeted with the same warmth everywhere,” exclaimed Gong cha’s spokesperson. “We are driven by a singular goal at our core – to create happiness in every cup that we serve,” he further added.

600 Possible Combination of Drinks

As mentioned above, there are more than 600 possible combinations of drinks available at a Gong cha store. Customers can enjoy their favorite flavors and toppings in their cups of bubble tea. However, there is more to Gong cha’s boba offerings than just adjusting the flavors. The bubble tea can also be customized based on the variety of tea and milk and the levels of sugar and ice.

With 600 possible drink combinations, it is possible for any customer to enjoy a different drink every day. Besides, Gong cha is always adding new flavors and toppings. The boba tea menu is always expanding and you may also be able to explore seasonal flavors. For example, recently the brand released its Halloween-themed Vampire Bite flavor. The special drink will be available through the month of October.

With the new store open at Sheridan Road, Chicagoans will find a premium boba tea store nearer than ever. For more information about our stores and menu, feel free to get in touch with us at +1 630-995-3276 or write to us.

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