Body Hair Transplants: An Overview and Some of the Important Facts

Body hair transplants are crucial when there are not many hair follicles to extract from the back of the head. Body hair transplants can happen in two ways. One way is to transfer body hair follicles to the bald region of the scalp. The other way is to implant hair follicles from the head to the bald portions of the body. Hair can be transplanted from the back of the body and thighs because these body parts have a high density of hair follicles.

There are two methods through which the hair follicles can be transferred from the body to other bald portions of the face and head. The first method is called FUE, in which hair follicles are collected from body parts in the form of individual grafts. FUE is less painful and scary. The other method is FUT, in which hair follicles containing skin grafts are implanted to the bold portions.


  • Who is the Ideal Candidate
    • Men who want to have a high density of hair follicles on their head but don’t have many hair follicles on their head to be transplanted. They can undergo body hair transplantation to get a fuller and natural look of hair on their head.
    • Men who have high density and strong hair follicles on their body can have the body hair transplant easily.
  • Some Precautions
    • You will have to make a plan for the long term as body hair transplants require multiple sessions to achieve desired results.
    • Shaving is strongly prohibited for two days before the surgery as it may create hurdles in the way of the surgery.
    • Consider coloring your beard with a hair color if your beard hair is white.
    • Avoid traveling two days after the surgery. Also, avoid dust particles from entering into the beard and hair.
  • What to expect
    • A facial hair transplant is often less painful and does not cause much discomfort. You will need to have a mild beard shaving after the surgery.
    • The transplanted hair will start growing after three to four months after the surgery. After almost a year, your hair will start growing like normal, and you will be able to see the results.
    • Beard hair may look harsher than the head hairs, but they blend well. The body hair should blend well as that of head hairs, but they can be a little thinner and go through shedding cycles most frequently.


As we read some of the facts related to body hair transplants, we come across some of the interesting points that are crucial for hair transplant surgery. You should prefer a good and renowned hair transplant clinic to achieve desired and accurate results for hair restoration. The more vital thing is to look for an experienced hair surgeon that can help to shape your hair well.

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