Bolster your Safety Protocol with Sneeze Guards from Essential Shields

After the past few months of being under lockdown guidelines, most commercial offices and businesses are reopening. Most people will go back to work but will have to take all the precautionary measures. If you are also opening your office and welcoming back your employees, you must ensure the safety of your employees. As much responsibility it is of the employees to take precautions, as a responsible employer, you should also make some arrangements. One of the things that you can get installed at your office space is a sneeze guard glass at your reception counter and around the workstations. You might have previously seen these sneeze guard glasses at hospitals and medical centers.

Since protective equipment has become essential for all workplaces, getting these sneeze guard glasses installed will certainly bolster your safety protocol. Now, when you are searching for a professional company that produces the finest quality of sneeze guard glasses, you will find numerous options claiming that they are the best. But with an increase in demand, numerous low-quality sneeze guard manufacturers are also popping up in the market. You wouldn’t want to fall prey to false claims, right? And hence you must work with only the best.

Essential Shields is amongst the leading manufacturers of the highest quality of sneeze guard glasses. Based in Canada, the company has been in the business of producing glass counter sneeze guard long before they became mandatory for all workplaces. The company always stood true to its commitment to manufacturing the best in class sneeze guard glasses.

Why does Essential Shields stand out in the market?

The answer is constant innovation and advanced shield solutions. The company has developed the OCCULITE Shield System that is meant to reinforce the privacy and safety of employees at workplaces. This shield system is environmentally-friendly and damage-proof, along with being far better than acrylic shields.

Essential Shields has been a proud manufacturer and supplier of this shield system to the Canadian marketplace. The company caters to the dental industry, medical industry, gyms and workout areas, LTC facilities, office settings, and any other industrial and corporate sectors that want to install sneeze guard shields. The company provides counter sneeze guard, work station shields, table separator shields, and more. All the glass shield products are customizable according to your requirements. So, don’t wait up! Contact Essential Shields and upgrade your office premises according to the latest safety protocols.

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