Books Like Outlander and Into The Wilderness

You fell in love with Claire Beauchamp Randall and Jamie Fraser and now it seems difficult for you to get them out of your mind? So to overcome this, you are going crazy for books like Outlander.

It’s absolutely not weird. We book lovers face this situation many times. Therefore, Here I am to recommend my best books similar to Outlander.

Go through this list and start reading books like outlander series right now.

Books related to Outlander

These are my suggestions for the books to read if you like outlander.

1- The Nightingale by Kristine Hannah


The Nightingale was published in the year 2015 by Kristine Hannah. And, I read this book when I was aggressively looking for books like Outlander on Goodreads.

This books narrates the story of Vianne Mauriac is set in the times of World War 2. She and her daughter were left behind by her husband who is in Army and headed for the Front. As the Germans invaded in the France she was forced to give shelter a German soldier or they would be deprived of food and water.

Despite all the danger and tough situations, Isabella, younger sister of Vianne, falls for a young man who eventually betrays her. Vianne tries everything to keep her family around but what happens when Isabella leaves everything behind and risks are life to save others.

2- My Name is Mary Sutter by Robin Oliveira (Series)


If you liked reading Outlander then there is no way that you could even think of missing My Name is Mary Sutter by Robin Oliveira.

The book chronicles one of the great stories set in Civil war. Mary Sutter has just survived a heart-break and now she wants to run away. She travels to Washington, D.C with a dream of being a surgeon and soon starts tending legions of the injured soldiers of Civil War.

Mary works under the guidance of two surgeons and both of them falls in love with her. She keeps on tackling her problems and pursues her career in medicine.

3- The Time Traveller’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger


Next in the list of books like Outlander…

The Time Traveller’s Wife is the debut novel by Audrey Niffenegger and trust me not a single page feels like the Audrey has written it first time.

Clare and Henry fall in love but not at the same time. Clare was six years old when she met Henry and Henry was of thirty-six. They married to each other when Clare was of twenty-two and Henry was thirty-years-old.

Henry has a rare genetic disorder due to which he can travel time and it’s not always in his control. I liked the book because of the fact of their time differences Clare and Henry still manages to stick with each other.

4 – A Year and a Day by Virginia Henley


Many people suggested me A Year and a Day by Virginia Henley when I was searching for books like Outlander series.

This is a trilogy which introduces you with Lynx de Warenne who is afraid to love but desperately want an heir. He was suggested to follow the Scottish custom where a man lawfully taking a woman to his bed and after a year and a day they can decide if they want to be married or part their ways.

Jane Leslie who had no other option but to surrender, though, who would have expected that, this unexpected couple would fall in love and outlast.

5- Highland Warrior by Hannah Howell


Last in the list of books like Outlander is Highland Warrior by Hannah Howell.

The story starts when Fiona is captured by well-armed men. Rather freeing herself and fighting for her life, she was swept away by a powerful Ewan MacFingal who bought her to Scarglas which is a strange place.

Despite of being in an unusual place, Fiona feels a sense of comfort when the stranger is around her. Ewan is all determined to protect his clan but finds difficult to resist the beauty of Fiona.

Read this amazing story similar to outlander books and know what happens between Fiona and Ewan.

Final Words

I have recommended you all my favourite books like Outlander. And, I believe like me you will also get over Outlander books after reading these amazing love novels.

My favourite among these books is The Nightingale by Kristina Hannah. Reaso for choosing this book as my favourite is because how the author describes this story of the Civil War and the hardships the characters faced. Not to mention its resemblance with Outlander.

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