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Dream11 Clone App


Hi there! The entertainment industry is always in search of newcomers. Yes, the need for entertainment channels is increasing as people spend most of their time at home during this pandemic. There are many online applications that guarantee entertainment. Nonetheless, fantasy gaming apps are the real king in entertainment people.

Why do fantasy sports acclaim popularity?

Unlike other online games, fantasy sports let users team up with real players and win rewards based on the outcome of the match. Among the different fantasy sports apps, Dream11 is the most entertaining app. Within a few months of launching, the app experienced the signup of multiple users worldwide. There are various reasons for the increase in popularity of the app among the users. They are an easy-to-use interface, real-time features, and the ability to join multiple tournaments.

It’s your turn to develop the Dream11 clone

Having said about the need for entertaining applications and the popularity of Dream11, it is the best choice to consider the development of Dream11 clone. Let us see the features studded in the app and the revenue model associated with developing the app.

Take any kind of application; the features of the app will attract the users and also not leave the lucid user interface. The list of features you will get along with the Dream11 clone includes,

Live match score
Multiple team creation
Different payment methods
Push notifications
Social media sharing, etc.,

With these features, you can definitely attract users to your app. Now, let us look at the revenue channels in regard to the Dream11 clone app.

Different revenue channels

Entry fees – Users can join the desired tournament by paying the respective entry fees.
Registration fees – It is a general practice to charge the registration fees for every user.
Advertising – A considerable amount of revenue is guaranteed via advertising.

Summing up, this is the perfect time to launch your Dream11 clone into the marketplace. Make use of the clone app development and reap the benefits.

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