Borderlands 3: How to Melt Wotan in Borderlands 3 for Fast Boss Farming

Finally, Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot is about to happen in Borderlands 3. Players are keen to loot this jackpot that will be kept at Maliwan’s Black site by the Borderlands 3 army. Events like this had already happened before in Borderlands 3, such as the one that occurred as Tankman’s Shield. However, the Maliwan’s Blacksite takedown is hard to handle because it includes the knockdown of one of the most dangerous level boss of Borderland, Wotan, the Invincible. Players find difficulty in fighting with Wotan as it is one of the first raid level bosses though it is the hardest boss to tackle in Borderlands 3. There are several guides that can favor you to knockdown Wotan easily; in this blog, we have highlighted some of these. Read the whole blog below, tackle the Wotan, and attain all the treasures at Maliwan’s Black site.

Beat Wotan the Invincible

The process to tackle down Wotan requires the player to complete four phases by damaging shields in each phase that guarded Wotan. However, some of the experts in this game have shared a few tips and tricks, and they will help you damage Shields in each phase. One of the experts of this game says that there are few items that player can attain to knock down the Maliwan’s level easily, and they are:

Gears Required

The essential item that players can attain is the most protective shield of this game, which is known as the Brawler ward. The graveyard was the owner of this shield; however, he drops it, and now you can attain this shield. The shield can protect you from any damage in any of the Maliwan stage because it has the efficiency power of 300% melee damage and 25% bonus weapon. Another item that player needs to save itself from any damage is Face-Puncher Shotgun as it will allow you to do as much damage to your enemies as you want it will attain you around 300% damage bonuses.

Using the Technique

After attaining the above-discussed gears, there are some aspects that you should try to tackle the issue. Players should die and respawn on a New-U-Station in order to deplete the shield they are acquiring, which results in the buff. After every death of your player, you will be rewarded with new bonuses, and there is no limit to attaining buffs in this game.

There is also a downside to this folk as the player need to pay heavy money for the repetition of the level. To attain 1 million damage for a single shot, the player has to die 30 times, and 110 deaths are required to attain 18 million damages for every shot.

There are a few things that players should need to get in their minds, and they are:

  • First, This technique can be used for any boss of Borderlands 3.
  • Make sure you should ignore depleting shields while the stack is dynamic.
  • You can execute this technique by two methods, and one is to grab a shield that has the efficiency of high capacity and quick regenerating power.

Apply this technique, and surely, you will tackle the Wotan easily; however, the Gearbox Software will definitely release a much better way to get more bonuses from the Brawler shield. Soon it is expected that we will encounter something like that.


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