Bored? These Edge extensions are perfect for gaming and enjoyment

With Edge, Microsoft has created a web browser that is compelling enough to compete with Google’s formidable Chrome. It should be mentioned that it is compatible with extensions and even has its own add-on shop among its capabilities. It allows us to install add-ons of many types, including those geared toward entertainment, which may be used to play or watch streaming videos.

And we are increasingly expecting our browser to function as a Swiss army knife, allowing us to do more than just surfing various online sites. That is why extensions are significant since they enable us to add additional features to the computer without having to download any software. It may therefore be utilized to spend varied downtime playing or to encourage the usage of various streaming sites.

To play, use the Edge.

Although our Edge browser was not built to play games, we can utilize it to easily play several basic games during those dead times when using the computer using these extensions.

Microsoft Edge Battleships

Who hasn’t played the legendary sink the fleet? You had to sink the opposing ships by striking the squares where they were located. With a similar concept, we locate this Edge add-on, where the first thing we must do is pick the position of our ships and set them on a grid.

A Patrol Boat, a Submarine, a Destroyer, a Battleship, and an Aircraft Carrier will be there. One of these ships takes up two cells, two others three, one four, and the biggest five. Once in situ, we choose which grids to attack inside the enemy Fleet sector in order to destroy the AI. A really easy game that may provide us with a decent dose of fun right from the browser.

We can get this entertaining game from the Edge Addon Store.

Toe Tic Tac Toe

In Spain, this is often referred to as zeros and crosses or three in a row. It’s a simple but addicting game that many of us played in school with a pencil and paper and that we can now play from our Edge browser. Its mechanics are simple since we simply need to mark the spaces on a 33 board with O and X alternately till we acquire three similar symbols to win.

We will be able to play with our friends, or if we don’t have anybody to play with, we will be able to battle the computer’s AI, with the ability to adjust the degree of difficulty, either easy or challenging depending on our expertise. It is a really easy game with incredibly rapid games that will enable us to spend some time enjoying ourselves.

Online RPG Game – Dedalium

If we like role-playing and RPG games, we should not pass up the chance to install Dedalium on our Edge browser. Although it is currently in Alpha, it is completely playable. We only need to install it and then design our guardian by selecting his head, chest, arms, and legs. Once formed, we must acquire stuff and compete with our friends through social media to better our guardians.


This Edge plugin will enable us to play many sorts of games directly from the browser. Once installed, we have a choice of four games: Run 3, Happy Wheels, Papa Louie, and Moto X3M. The first is an intensive action and infinite running game that takes us on a harrowing voyage through a severely confined location while leading our alien across space. The second includes a slew of personalities and vehicles, and we must avoid traps, perils, and our own bikes turning against us as we race to the finish line of each level.

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