Bowflex Flex Fitness Center Design Abdominal Muscle Grind Testimonial

By now every person has seen commercials for the Bowflex house health clubs. There are lots of questions when it comes to the Bowflex machinery. One more question one might ask is whether or not to buy the Bowflex Flex Gym Design Ab Grind accessory attachment?


The first generation of bowflex xceed home gym makers (Traditional, Xtreme, Ultimate) utilize standard Power Rod modern technology, which is essentially the cable/pulley system discovered in basic fitness center equipments. Any Bowflex system can be fitted with the Bowflex Flex Fitness Center Style Abdominal Crunch, which sells for an additional $199.


Reviews of the Bowflex Flex Gym Design Ab Crunch as well as Bowflex systems are normally positive. Compared to normal problems, the accessory makes the exercise easier, without all the neck and back strain. One issue is that the attachment is a bit “cumbersome,” which makes storage space an issue for individuals living in close quarters.

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