Branding for products

Today, retailers (buyers) have various branding alternatives on hand. They can buy either well established manufacturer’s brands or can themselves create their own ‘private’ brands.

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The retailers can also adopt the middle path by selling both the brands under one roof to satisfy that segment of customers who prefer only established name and private brands to others who want quality and performance despite of brand name.  Retail marketing in Pune conduct market research on industry and execute a brand awareness survey against target audiences, then pair findings with feedback and insights from key stakeholders.

A branding is said to be retail branding if it delivers both tangible and intangible benefits all in one and at once.

 Marketing agency in Pune leveraging a Brand Promotion and Traditional Marketing mix to accelerate your brand’s growth. Product brands make consumers like easier and make it possible to recognize products, which support in decision making process. In addition to it, product brands make the consumer a part of a group and create a sense of belonging.

Retail marketing in Pune conduct background research and decide how your brand should go to market. This includes naming your brand and products, organizing them and determining your target buyer(s).

Retail brands, on the other hand, perform more than that. They present a number of benefits above product brands like they are close to the consumer.

Branding for products

There are various types of branding:-

(a) Symbols and marks are used for different products e

(b) Special names are given to different products, e.g

  1. c) Sometimes the manufacturers may use their own names for the product produced by them


Branding is indispensable for carrying on an effective advertisement campaign.

Branding is greatly helpful in eliminating middlemen, particularly wholesalers. Popular branded goods can be easily sold by the manufacturers by establishing their own retail shops.

Branding widens the market for the products and improves reputations of the concern.

Branding establishes the individuality of a product which can be easily distinguished from the products of similar nature. The main objective of branding is to introduce “product differentiation”.

Branding simplifies the purchasing process of the retailer and saves him from the botheration of choosing and selecting his stock.

Retail branding as a discipline borrows heavily from branding as an overarching domain, but there are some fundamental differences. The aim of any ambitious retailer is to establish its brand as a preferred destination for shopping amidst all the competition. Positioning is strongly influenced by a proposition.


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