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An item given as a present is referred to as a gift. Small gifts from loved ones make life more beautiful than just pricey ones. A gift signifies that you are offering something to someone out of love and without expecting anything in return. You will offer more if you can just make someone feel special.

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Brass is a yellow-colored alloy made from the combination of the metals copper and zinc. It contains 30% zinc and 70% copper. It is referred to as pital in Hindi. Brass is a good source for obtaining the health advantages of both copper and zinc. Copper and zinc each have unique qualities that work to treat specific disorders in the human body.

7 Health benefits of using Brass Utensils:

  1. Brass Produces melanin for healthy hair and skin
  2. Drinking water stored in Brass vessel Increases strength and immunity
  3. Eating food from a brass vessel Prevents abdominal infections
  4. When food is cooked in a brass utensils natural oil gets released that adds unique flavour and taste to the food.
  5. As zinc is present in Brass, it helps Purifies the blood
  6. Zinc is also known to Sharpen the memory of your brain hence consuming water or food from a brass vessel sharpens the memory.
  7. Consuming food or water from a brass vessel helps in curing respiratory diseases like cough and asthma.


Advantages of Brass

Because of their wide range of advantageous properties, brasses are in high demand across a wide range of industries, as evidenced by the wide variety of commercially available brasses. Before using brass supplies for any of your projects, you should be aware of the following advantages of brass.


The non-ferrous metals copper and zinc are, as well as the majority of the additional non-ferrous elements used in the alloy. When they are joined, it only seems sense that the new alloy would not rust when exposed to oxygen. The functionality and durability of brass are unaffected by its easy tarnishing; only its shine is affected.

Anti-Bacterial Property

Brass contains molecules of copper that are capable of generating ions that attack a certain sort of protein in single-celled organisms, instantaneously killing them. This makes brass, as well as other metals based on copper, a great choice for water filtration and sanitation systems. They can even be used in bathrooms, kitchen sinks, and other indoor spaces where dangerous germs might thrive. 


Brass has a more appealing appearance than pure copper and bronze. Because of how closely its natural colour resembles that of gold, it is frequently employed as a decorative feature and as an accessory for buildings.


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