Bridal nightwear sets in India and other essentials for the newly wed women!

Marriage is literally a transformation for a woman as everything from her surname to her residential address changes. Also, shopping and packing for your wedding is a completely different and a difficult deal if you are a woman. You not only have to shop for the pre and the post wedding celebration, but a ton of other things after you shift to your new house.

Ethnic dresses

No matter how big or small your wedding celebration is, after your marriage there will be several occasions following where you will be required to dress in Indian attires. Indian dresses surely make you look beautiful but carrying them is a great deal. Thus, pack in some simple yet classy ethnic dresses that make you look no less than a queen, and feel as light as a breeze.

Menstrual supplies

Pack your menstrual supplies beforehand in your wedding trousseau. As the wedding ceremonies are over, you will be invited to his as well as your relatives, and you do not want your chums to baffle you, if you are not carrying any menstruation essentials with you. Moreover, if you have been on a preponing or a postponing menstrual medication, make sure to always carry a sanitary pad handy, as your chumming dates can go haywire for the next few months.

Buy neck support for airplane travel in India

If you are a travel-junkie, you definitely need a neck support pillow. It makes sleeping in the congested seat of a flight, a simple and a convenient deal. It lets you relax or sleep in a flight comfortably without stressing your neck, back, or shoulders.

Regular bra and panty sets

Indulge in the sexy one but do not go over the board. Pack in a good number of regular bra panty sets from an affordable lingerie online shop in India.

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