Bring Back Your Beauty and Look Younger

Many people want to upgrade their look and become more attractive. Today, everything is much easier as Dr. Stavros Economou is here to help you. He has much experience in a number of plastic surgeries and customizes solutions to each and every patient. One of the most popular services the doctor offers is Liposuction Limassol. Liposuction and fat transfer in Limassol are designed to remove stuborn fat from the body. If you suffer from localised fat, resistant to diet and exercise then you might consider liposuction in Limassol by Dr. Economou. You can be sure to get wonderful results as this procedure will not only help you get rid of fat but it will also shape your body bringing out your curves. The result is a slimmer, better-shaped figure. Consider Liposuction Limassol and you will never regret choosing this service.

Dr. Stavros Economou also offers Breast Augmentation Cyprus at a verry exclussive environment in affordable prices. It is a well-known fact that the size and shape of female breasts changes over the years. It also changes because of hormonal cycles of pregnancy and menstruation . Breast augmentation can enhance the form of your breasts giving them a fuller shape, increased projection, and definition. Dr. Economou delivers Breast surgery Cyprus helping you choose the best solutions that suit your needs. Dr. Economou works with implants that have a fine texture and a stable, smooth, natural like core for his breast augmentation in Limassol. The right implant will be chosen according to the width of your chest, the quality of your skin and also the amount of relaxation of the breast.

Another great service you can get from Dr. Economou is Dermal Fillers Cyprus. As we age, our skin loses its glow and beauty and the soft tissues lose their elasticity. As a result, we look older and it decreases our self-confidence. Dermal fillers are designed to help you avoid this issue and bring back your fresh look. They can be safely injected into your skin with minimal discomfort. Dr. Economou being a plasitc surgeon knows facial anatomy perfectly ensuring the best results of Dermal Fillers Cyprus. He is a reliable doctor in Limassol and has already helped many patients to reduce the visible wrinkles and restore the elasticity of the skin. Dermal fillers in small volumes can be really effective as they will soften deep facial wrinkles and help you get that fresh relaxed look.

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