Bring home Dongchengcut-off machine and ease your task

The cut-off machine is one of the prime gears used in different industries. The tool has many advantages that make it so popular in all sectors. It has good flexibility and an adjustable angle of operations. It’s easy to tweak.


Cut-off machines are commonly operated by hand or at the bench top. It has an abrasive blade to cut every angle perfectly. The machine is portable and versatile and able to cut metal, concrete, and other hard metal effortlessly. Its flexible architecture can accommodate the overloaded capacity for even a hard job application. This tool is designed as circular saws that cut hardened material effortlessly. It is widely used in different sectors to complete tasks with precision.


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The different function of the Dongchengcut-off machine is as follows:

  • It works at a rated input of 2000 watts. Its versatile architecture accommodates overloaded capacity for even the tough application.
  • This portable metal cut-off grinder grinds metal at a load speed of 3800 rpm. It improves the lifespan of the product.
  • The design and the metal base footplate provide stability and comfort while working for long hours.


Dongcheng is widely acknowledged in the market for its high quality. Its professional-grade performance in tough and lightweight machines makes it the best choice for every type of job. Abrasive cut off is ideally suited for metal-cutting purposes. The cutting is performed by a thin abrasive disc similar to a grinding wheel. The abrasive cutting machine can be used virtually on all metals. The raw material must be in straight length. We cater to a wide range of power tools and machines with excellent functionality for the end users.


While using the Dongchengcut-off machine, safety is the priority. Use goggles. If not, a face shield is strongly recommended to protect you from injuries. Check out properly if there is no crack or damage before mounting the cut-off wheels.


If you need customer support, our support team is always there to listen to your feedback. Place your order today and make it yours and ease your job.


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