Bring Home the Liveliness Through the Textured Paints

Bring Home the Liveliness Through the Textured Paints

Is it that you have decided to add liveliness to the room but perplexed about the way? The quick fix is involving Texture Paint Design to your walls. It is not that colours do not contribute to the richness of home, but walls with texture on them stand apart. By having textures on the wall, the ornate beauty of the walls becomes the focus of the eye. Though there are varieties of Interior Paint Design that can be used to achieve the allure but texture with being classic and colourful, add the exact amount of charm.

What Exactly is Texture Paints?

Textured paints have a character in them because they are gritty and rough and display a pattern on the wall, unlike the flat paints. These paints are known to be captivating and become the centre of attraction of the area. The base of textured paint is usually water and is available in different finishes of glossy, matte, and gritty.

Uses of Wall Texture Paint

  1. Camouflaging the blemishes

Textured paints can be a boon to hide the imperfections like cracks, stains, and to some extent, the microwaves on the surfaces. The paints having texture can be used to hide the old wallpaper, mortar walls, or the drywall.

  1. Accentuate the borders of the room

Instead of going for the painting of the entire room, textured paints can be used to enhance the depth of the room by calling attention to the borders. The illusion of the size of the room can be given by adding the paints to the lower borders, and for the height, the paint can be added to the higher borders of the room.

  1. Provide depth to the corners and compartments

To highlight the little corners and alcoves in the house, textured paints are the best-suited ones. It enhances the depth of the alcoves and makes them a statement in your home. Your much-treasured pieces of art can have an ornate and beautified place to reside in.

The variety of Textured Paints

Textured paints have a wide variety from brush strokes to crow’s foot to salt and popcorn style. The sumptuous options to choose from gives the liberty to pick the right kind of texture for the walls of your home, which suits your personality.

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