Brisbane Cutting & Coring (QLD)

Brisbane Cutting & Coring (QLD) is a leading and reputable Construction Company serving the South East Queensland area. Ever since we opened for business, we’ve taken a comprehensive approach to project management, providing our clients with a wide range of services to cover their needs.At Brisbane Cutting & Coring (QLD) we believe that there is a better way to cut concrete. Our mission is to deliver exceptional results to our clients on budget and on time. We focus on using the latest technology in diamond tooling and equipment to ensure efficiency and productivity. No job is too big or too small.

Road Sawing

Brisbane Cutting & Coring (QLD) range of Road Saws are able to cut to 400 mm deep with our Diesel Powered low emissions Road saw which is also suitable for indoor use.
Brisbane Cutting & Coring (QLD) has slurry and water carts available.
Our team has extensive experience with contractors for road, civil and demolition works servicing the commercial and residential sector of the South East Queensland Area.

Core Drilling
Brisbane Cutting & Coring (QLD) core drills from 18 mm dia to 500 mm dia, from a few millimetres to over 4 meters in depth. We are qualified and highly experienced in angled, inverted and deep core drilling.

Hand & Ring Sawing
At Brisbane Cutting & Coring (QLD) has an extensive range of Hand and Ring Cutting Saws to suit every requirement that you may have. We are able to cut 270 mm deep with our Petrol powered machines and with our Electric powered machines.
We are experienced in cutting out windows, door ways and lift shafts.

Wall Sawing
Brisbane Cutting & Coring (QLD) wall saws to 500 mm deep. We can cut vertically, horizontally and complete inverted cutting.

Soft Cutting
Brisbane Cutting & Coring (QLD) is able to soft cut slabs, driveways, foot paths, through to large building footprints.

Concrete Scanning
Brisbane Cutting & Coring (QLD) utilises a combination of Concrete Scanning and Service Locating Equipment to locate post tension cables, live electricity, conduit, gas, water and telecommunications services.

We are experienced in completing scans for road ways, car parks, concrete slabs, walls and stair cases. We provide dial before you dig reports and a we provide our customers with a comprehensive report of our findings after the completion of the works.


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