Bromine Tablets: Outstanding Alternative to Chlorine Tablets for Hot Tub Water

Do you have a hot tub at your home that you use quite frequently to relax after a day of hard work? If yes, then you would agree that it is important to clean the water of the hot tub frequently so that there is no buildup of bacteria or algae. In order to do so, you will need to have the highest quality of hot tub chemicals in your cabinet. Now, most of the hot tub owners use chlorine tablets to clean their hot tub water. But it has been observed that though chlorine tablets are effective they are also quite harsh on the skin and leave a strong odour in the water. What most owners don’t know is that there is an excellent alternative to chlorine tablets that can be used to clean the hot tub water. Bromine tablets are an excellent alternative to using chlorine tablets as they have got many advantages.

In this article, we will list out a few of those advantages that will help you understand why you should switch over to bromine tablets immediately.

· Bromine tablets are more stable than chlorine because they can work in a wide pH range increasing their efficiency to clean the hot tub water.

· As mentioned above, chlorine tablets leave a pungent odour in water whereas bromine is known to leave less or no odour in water after cleaning.

· Bromine is also less harsh on the skin making the hot tub water more suitable for frequent use.

· Bromine tablets are highly stable at higher temperatures as compared to chlorine tablets.

With these four major advantages over chlorine tablets, bromine tablets for hot tub are an excellent choice.

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