Brunch Date Coming Up? Stay On Your Weight Loss Plan with These Tips

Spring is here, and with the weather warming up and your favorite spot opening their patio space, you know what that means—it’s officially brunch season! Brunch is a sacred time for most of us and gives us a chance to pause, catch up with the girls, and enjoy some sunshine on the patio. What could go wrong?

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Well, there is that one little thing you might have forgotten—your diet. Luckily, you’re following a flexible, brunch-friendly weight loss meal plan. But even so, you can’t just go hog-wild after merely smelling some French toast. If you have a brunch date (or many) coming up, these are some easy tips that will help you stay on track with your health goals.

Plan Ahead

A huge part of keeping your meal plan in check is planning well in advance what you’re going to eat when you get to brunch. If you just show up and wing it, chances are you’ll eat a big plate of pancakes and syrup with a side helping of regret for later on in the day. On the other hand, if you consider your meal plan and look at the foods you can eat while still staying within reason, you can peek at the menu beforehand and show upready to order. This will eliminate tough decisions at the table, and without that stress,you can just sit back and enjoy brunch with the girls.

Skip the Bottomless Mimosas

We know, we know—mimosas and brunch are basically like peanut butter and jelly. But if you aren’t trying to guzzle down a week’s worth of sugar in a couple of hours, bottomless mimosas just aren’t worth it. The fruit juice is the worst culprit, but the alcohol is a factor as well and can pack a surprisingly caloric punch.It depends on what’s in your mimosa, but a 4-ounce serving of champagne has about 84 calories on average—it can be easy to see how a few can add up.

If you can’t pass up just one adult beverage at brunch, you’ll have better luck with a bloody mary. With tomato juice, a celery stick, and a touch of cayenne pepper (which acts as a natural hunger suppressant, perfect for intermittent fasting weight loss), you can’t go wrong with this boozy, yet vitamin-packed drink.

Switch to an “Anti-Diet”

If all else fails and your diet leaves you eating celery sticks and egg whites, you’re on the wrong diet. In fact, maybe it’s time you abandon the diet model altogether and instead opt for a weight loss program that allows flexibility and lets you live your life. Programs like the 131 Method are easy to follow and don’t restrict you by forcing you into a one-size-eats-all box. If your current diet or weight loss plan doesn’t let you live, maybe it’s time to switch to an “anti-diet” that will help you achieve results.

About 131 Method

Celebrity fitness trainer Chalene Johnson created the 131 Method as an alternative to the plethora of diets out on the market that women have suffered through for years. Rather than saying what you can and can’t do, you make the rules with the 131 Method. It’s a combination of a weight loss meal plan with tips to create a weight loss exercise program that works around your schedule, lifestyle, and needs, while being easy to follow. What makes this program unique are the three distinct phases over the 12-week program, in which you’ll balance your hormones, improve your gut health, and boost your metabolism. With less of a focus on the numbers on the scale and more attention to how you feel overall, with the 131 Method, you can finally break the diet cycle and enjoy a lifelong healthy lifestyle.

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