Brux Brings Raw And Edgy Sounds To ‘Vinegar Hill’

Brux Brings Raw And Edgy Sounds To ‘Vinegar Hill’

Brux Brings Raw And Edgy Sounds To 'Vinegar Hill'

Elizabeth Maniscalco, known best behind the decks as BRUX, is renowned for her raw and edgy sound. The self-proclaimed surrealist club pop producer stuns with her latest single, “Vinegar Hill,” out today, August 25.

“It’s really about empowering myself,” Maniscalco says. “It came about in 2020 when I was faced with the dilemma of not being able to move to New York. I was stuck in Australia. My husband and I had just gotten married, and we had to move back into my parent’s place, which was interesting. That year was really spent doing a bit of soul searching in terms of my artistry. It meant that I was writing these songs that were fueled with the frustration of the circumstance I was in—not being able to play shows [and] not being able even to enjoy other artist’s club shows that year.”

“Vinegar Hill” boasts hard-hitting basslines, tinkering synths and catchy vocals. According to the artist, the track title is inspired by a neighborhood close to her in Brooklyn. “I would walk through Vinegar Hill to get to Dumbo early on when we moved, and it was a really interesting suburb where I would [take a] 45-minute walk there,” she says. “I put my headphones on [and would] blast music. It ties in with the song, the energy of the song, because it was this journey of inspiration.”

When initially launching BRUX in 2018, Maniscalco was intentionally androgynous and wore a mask to cover her face. She says she was moving away from a pop-focused commercial project dubbed Elizabeth Rose, in which she believes she shared too much of her life, thus overwhelming her. In addition, Maniscalco says she experienced not being taken seriously as a woman in the electronic music space. To combat this with BRUX, she wore a mask, thinking her dark and masculine music would lead people to assume she was a male, which she adds provided a sense of satisfaction as she felt she had power behind the mask.

“Then in 2020, that’s when I really stood back and reevaluated how I wanted to be perceived,” the producer says. “I think I realized that masking myself only got the music so far, and it was during that time of the world shutting down—people wanting and needing to connect more than ever. I think I realized that I needed to let people in. By doing that, it means I can share more of my identity.”

The multifaceted creative takes a do-it-yourself approach to BRUX, which includes design and fashion, as she says it’s how she expresses herself creatively. Maniscalco studied fashion, which she thought would be her career, but with music she finds that the two worlds collide as she can implement her design side into visuals, costumes, directing photoshoots, artwork, social media and more.

The burgeoning artist initially fell in love with electronic music through The Chemical Brothers when her older brother, a deejay and producer known as Hook n Sling, was playing the acclaimed duo. “I was so obsessed with it—like it went beyond obsession,” she notes. “I was really latched onto it. That opened up the world of sampling, layering drums and really powerful beats, and that grew. That’s what I was instantly attracted to.” Maniscalco says she later started producing her own music on Garage Band at the age of 17.航海王:红发歌姬-one-piece-film-red-線上看完整版–2022年电影hk-hk-107tVPp9Vr航海王剧场版红发歌姬–看在線電影-one-piece-film-red-107tVPp9iE龙珠超:超级英雄-完整版2022線上看小鴨影音hd1080p-107tVPp9iK

As for advice she would give her younger self when she first started making music, she says: “Don’t be too precious about what you release. Just get music out and keep the wheels turning. Also don’t overthink. I don’t think too hard as I’m writing—I just go with it. Twelve years ago I would ruin so many ideas because I’d overthink the whole process and add too much.”

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