Bubble Milk Tea at Downtown Naperville

Brewed Tea

Bubble tea has been a popular drink in North America for some time now. It is a cherished drink among people of all age groups. Whether it is a special occasion or people want to go out with friends or family, enjoying bubble tea is one of the more common experiences among people. There are many reasons why boba tea has become so popular, with the large variety of flavors and options offered by brands like Gong cha being one of the most important ones.

Gong cha, a premier bubble tea brand with a global presence, offers over 600 possible combinations of drinks. This means you can enjoy a completely new cup of boba tea if you visit a Gong cha store for 600 days. The widely popular brand has over 1800 shops worldwide, with more than a hundred in the United States. It is on a quick expansion spree due to the ever-growing demand for bubble tea and has planned many new store launches in the next few months in Illinois. In its latest announcement, the brand has revealed its new store launch in Downtown Naperville.

Gong cha & Its Customization Options

As mentioned above, you can create your custom cup of bubble tea at a Gong cha shop. You can have a cup prepared to your specifications based on the fruity flavor, ingredients, toppings, variety of tea – black tea, oolong tea, green tea, or earl grey tea, ice level, and sugar level.

When it comes to Bubble Milk Tea, you can have your personalized drink prepared exactly to your liking. Some of the popular options in Gong cha’s Milk Tea Series include:

  • Standard Milk Tea
  • Pearl Milk Tea
  • Brown Sugar Milk Tea
  • Caramel Milk Tea
  • Strawberry Milk Tea
  • Wintermelon Milk Tea
  • Earl Grey Milk Tea With 3J’s (With Pearls, Pudding & Herbal Jelly)

Gong cha’s Naperville Store

The next time you feel like enjoying a cup of bubble milk tea in your favorite flavor, you can head to downtown Naperville. “We are now closer to you than ever before in Illinois,” announced the company’s regional spokesperson. “We are now located in downtown Naperville on E Ogden Avenue. Our guests can now enjoy their favorite flavor of bubble tea without having to travel far. Once anyone gets a taste of our bubble tea experience, they become Gong cha fans for life,” he further added.

Bubble tea fans in Naperville can find the nearest Gong cha shop at H Mart, 1295 E Ogden Ave, Naperville. Gong cha’s origins date back to 1996 when two friends came together in Taiwan. The brand was founded in 2006 and has since grown to reach 1800 locations in 20 countries. Its strong commitment to premium quality and standard bubble tea preparation processes have helped it stand out from the crowd. From sourcing the ingredients to the way the guests are treated, everything makes its bubble tea experience different and special.

If you want to learn more about Gong cha or find the nearest store, feel free to contact us at +1 630-995-3276 or send us a message.

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