Bubble Tea Now Opens In Massachusetts

Bubble tea is cherished for its unique taste, chewy tapioca pearls, texture, variety, and aesthetics. Variety alone is a big factor that so many people fall in love with boba tea. For example, Gong cha, a premier international bubble tea brand, offers over 600 possible combinations of the drink. You can choose from dozens of flavors and an equal number of toppings that include sweet and salty milk foam, chewy pearls, cheese foam, aloe, Oreo crumbs, coconut, pudding, basil seeds, and much more. Gong cha has recently announced its two new upcoming stores in Massachusetts.
Gong cha’s Upcoming Bubble Tea Café
We are an international beverage franchise with a specialization in freshly prepared bubble tea, premium team, and coffee. Founded in 2006 in Taiwan, today we have over 1800 cafes worldwide. The growing demand for boba tea and our commitment to high quality have helped us grow and expand over the years.
Our latest stores are coming up at the following locations in the Bay State:
• 90 Pleasant Valley STE 130 Methuen, MA
• 412-414 Highland Ave Somerville, MA
What to Expect in a Gong cha Café?
Gong cha offers a versatile bubble tea experience. We have various types of bubble tea, premium tea, and coffees on offer. The different series of teas and drinks on offer at a Gong cha café include:
• Milk Foam Series: Its creamy, sweet and savory flavor balance and whipped texture make it the perfect complement to our freshly brewed teas – green tea, black tea, earl grey tea, oolong tea, or wintermelon. Try the special editions of dirty brown sugar milk tea, creme brulee strawberry latte, and creme brulee brown sugar milk tea.
• Milk Tea Series: Milk tea black, green, earl grey, and oolong, caramel milk tea, pearl milk tea, wintermelon milk tea, brown sugar milk tea, earl grey milk tea with 3j’s, and strawberry milk tea.
• Slush Series: Lychee, passionfruit yogurt, mango milk, taro milk, strawberry milk, matcha milk, milk foam peach slush w/ star jelly, caramel chocolate, and more.
• Creative Series: Green tea strawberry, passion fruit, mango, peach, grapefruit, and lemon, hibiscus green tea, lychee oolong, honey green tea, lemon ai-yu white pearl, taro, lemon wintermelon basil seeds, and more.
Similarly, we offer the Tea Latter series and Coffee Latte series with a rich selection of drinks for you to choose from. You can have each bubble tea option customized to your specifications by altering the variety of tea, milk type, sugar level, ice level, flavor, toppings, and more.
What Makes Gong cha Unique?
There are many reasons for the widespread popularity of Gong cha. Besides the variety and flavors that we offer in our cafes, we also want you to feel thrilled about the following aspects that make our bubble tea and in-store experience special:
• Fresh tea is brewed every few hours. We limit the shelf life of our tea to just 4 hours.
• The pearls are also freshly prepared with a very short shelf life.
• All our ingredients must pass strict quality controls.
• Our teas are sourced from the finest tea estates after careful evaluation of their tea production processes.
With our upcoming stores in Massachusetts, you will now be able to enjoy the best bubble tea experience. If you want to learn more about our offerings or our nearest café, feel free to send us a message.

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