Bubble Tea Shop in Pennsylvania

Bubble tea is one of the most versatile drinks that may exist out there. There are hundreds of possible drink combinations for you to choose from and enjoy your favorite flavors and ingredients. For example, Gong cha, a premier international bubble tea and premium tea brand offers over 600 potential combinations. You can choose from a variety of toppings including milk foam, aloe, white pearl, pudding, jelly, basil seeds, Oreo crumbs, and more.

At Gong cha, we are always innovating and adding new flavors to our portfolio. Besides, we are regularly opening new cafes across the U.S. and the world to meet the ever-growing demand for our bubble tea. In the latest development, we have an upcoming café launch in Pennsylvania. Find out where our new store is coming up and what we have to offer in every cup of bubble tea to our guests.

Our Commitment to Premium Quality

Gong cha was founded in Taiwan in 2006. Today, we have over 1800 cafes worldwide and we are regularly adding new ones. Over the years, we have adhered to certain standard traditions that have helped us maintain the premium quality that our teas and other drinks have come to be known for.

This includes:

  • We brew fresh tea all day long. Our tea has a shelf life of just 4 hours.
  • We prepare fresh pearls throughout the day. The pearls are prepared to a specific consistency and texture for the perfect bubble tea experience.
  • We use premium quality tea that is sourced from the finest tea estates.

Our signature Milk Foam and Milk Tea have become well known across the world. The sweet, creamy, and savory flavor of the milk foam balances the whipped texture to deliver an unparalleled bubble tea experience.

Our New Upcoming Bubble Tea Café in Pennsylvania

If you live in Pennsylvania, you have one more reason to enjoy your favorite cup of bubble tea. We are launching our new café in Willow Grove Park. You can find our new store at the following address:

  • Willow Grove Park, 2500 W Moreland Rd, Unit No. 1020, Willow Grove, PA 19090

Impeccable Customer Satisfaction

From the choice of ingredients to customer service, we have built a tradition that speaks of impeccable quality to deliver unparalleled customer satisfaction. Our original teas are prepared using high-quality tea leaves brewed to perfection. We use the best leaves from the best tea estates in the world. And then you can choose the flavor and toppings that you love the most.

All our guests are greeted warmly by our staff. We strive to create happiness in every cup we serve and every heart we touch. It is not just our customers that feel great when at a Gong cha store, our staff is also treated with utmost dignity.

As we launch another new store, we would recommend you to keep an eye out for our menu. Innovation is a part of our tradition and we are always adding new bubble tea flavors and variations.  For more information about our new store, get in touch with us.

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