Bubble Tea Store Franchise in New Hampshire for 2022

Bubble tea is perhaps the most versatile drink you can find anywhere. It is available in so many flavors and combinations, you can enjoy something new every day. Besides tapioca pearls, boba stores such as Gong cha offer a wide variety of toppings including Basil Seeds, Coconut Jelly, Ai-Yu Jelly, Herbal Jelly, Pudding, and Oreo Crumbs among others. Then there are many flavors for you to choose from.


Gong cha, a premier international bubble tea brand, offers over 600 possible combinations of the drink. The brand has over 1670 locations worldwide and recently announced new bubble tea store franchise opportunities in New Hampshire for 2022.


Bubble Tea Store Franchise Opportunity


The demand for bubble tea is growing at a very fast pace. This market is currently estimated to be a $2 billion industry and is expected to grow to over $4.3 billion by 2027. People are unable to get enough of this exceptionally delicious and versatile drink. A Gong cha franchise is a rewarding way to meet this demand.


Founded in 2006, Gong cha has a proven track record of success. Today, it has over 1670 locations in over 20 countries. A Gong cha store franchisee requires an investment potential starting from just $177,000 and varies depending on your location.


Advantages of a Gong cha Bubble Store Franchise


A Gong ha bubble tea store franchise in New Hampshire offers many advantages that come with becoming part of the reputed brand. This includes:


Premium Ingredients: The bubble tea ingredients are sourced from the finest tea estates. Fresh tea is brewed every 4 hours to ensure the premium quality is retained in every cup.

Ease of Operations: Since there are well-established and time-tested processes in place, running your franchise store is much simpler than you may think. From production to guest management to store operations, the established standards and procedures make it easy for you to handle all aspects of your business.

Wide-Ranging Support: From initial training to ongoing support, Gong cha franchisees get the full range of support in initiating and running their store successfully.

Access to an Established Supply Chain: When you become part of Gong cha, you will have access to the brand’s supply chain. All supplies are regularly delivered to ensure you are always serving the demands of your customers.

Successful Product Portfolio: As already mentioned, Gong cha offers a proven product portfolio that is in great demand. Your customers will have over 600 possible drink combinations to choose from. While new flavors and ingredients are always being added, you can also create your own drink.


What Makes Gong cha Special?


Gong cha’s commitment to impeccable quality is uncompromising. Only premium quality tea leaves and other ingredients are used to deliver the finest bubble tea experience. The brand has tea masters who produce tea recipes to established standards which are followed across all Gong cha stores, ensuring consistency in taste and experience.


Besides, new bubble tea flavors and toppings are regularly introduced to ensure the guests always have something new to savor. If you want to learn more about the Gong cha bubble tea franchise opportunity in New Hampshire, feel free to contact us via this Online Form.


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Rosario Berry is a professional freelance writer, like to introduce Gong cha USA. Bubble tea or boba tea has been gaining widespread popularity in the U.S. and global markets because of its versatility and customization in terms of ingredients and flavors.

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