Buckle Up This Summer With Automatic Braking Systems

Did you know that George Rashid invented the earliest version of the Automated Braking System in 1954? He demonstrated a working automatic vehicle control system that relied on radar technology to stop the vehicle. It eased off the throttle and applied brakes if a collision was imminent. However, this technology was shelved for close to half a century and only found itself in the luxury vehicle model in the early 2000s.

Modern Automatic braking system

The technology employed in this advanced braking systemhas come a long way from Rashid’s prototype. It incorporates a combination of radar, laser, video, infrared or ultrasonic sensors to detect obstacles in the vehicle’s path and prevent collisions. In cases where an automatic braking system cannot prevent a collision, it prevents the magnitude of the collision. This reduction in severity could be the difference between life and death.

The first manufacturer to employ this cutting-edge technology was Honda in 2003 on its Inspire model. It was marketed as a “Collision Mitigation Braking System.” However, other reputable manufacturers were nipping at their heels, and it swiftly became a “standard” feature in luxury models. Data from collisions in the US indicate that automatic braking systems can significantly mitigate rear-end collisions. They can also reduce fatal collisions by half. More than 20 carmakers have committed to including automatic braking systems in their US market models by 2022.

Benefits of Automatic Emergency braking system

  • If you are distracted, sleepy, or using your mobile phone as you drive, you may fail to notice obstacles in your path; an automatic Emergency Braking System can save the day by preventing collisions or reducing their severity. This action may save lives and can drastically reduce injuries. It also reduces repair costs.
  • This advanced braking system is non-intrusive in that you will notice it when you need it. It doesn’t affect the typical operation of the vehicle.
  • If your vehicle has this feature, it calculates the force needed to prevent a collision and applies sufficient braking force to stop the collision. Thus, this feature can come in handy for the elderly, who may have poor reflexes or be unable to brake sufficiently to prevent an accident.
  • When you drive a vehicle fitted with an automatic braking system, you have peace of mind knowing that you are covered if an unexpected obstacle appears in your path. This advanced braking systembecomes your safety net preventing fender benders in your daily drives.
  • As the name implies, the automatic braking system does not need to be switched on but springs to action when the need arises. However, you can switch off this feature in some models and rely fully on your reflexes and judgment.

The downside of an automatic braking system

Automatic braking systems can cause accidents to traffic behind the vehicle employing it. If vehicles are traveling in a convoy and the lead vehicle brakes suddenly due to an automatic braking system, It might cause an accident. The trailing vehicles may not have sufficient time and distance to stop causing accidents.

These accidents are caused because not all vehicles have an automated braking system. It also only works in the forward direction, so it cannot save vehicles from being rear-ended.

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