Just before the Minister of Education and Culture with the Republic of Indonesia, Mas Minister Nadiem Makarim initiated the Merdeka Campus, Budi Luhur University had implemented quite a few points from the Merdeka Campus Program, which includes: Get additional details about Merdeka Belajar

Freedom to decide on courses in line with hobbies

You could take other courses outside the selected study program. In case you like design, but study in the Faculty of Information and facts Technologies, it is possible to take cross-study courses which include graphic design from DKV.

Freedom to Decide Lecture Schedule

Have a large amount of off-campus activities? You can adjust the class schedule to match other busy times.

Freedom to Study While Working/Internship Abroad

At Budi Luhur University you’ve internship opportunities at Universities Abroad including the Netherlands, Japan, Taiwan, and Malaysia.

Merdeka Alternative Final Project With no Thesis

It really is not the time to graduate, but the thesis is dizzy. At Budi Luhur University you’ll find Alternative Thesis, such as; Final Projects and Works.

Freedom to Study Anywhere

Are you still in class these days? In the Merdeka Campus, Budi Luhur University, lectures are held employing the Blended Learning system which is carried out face-to-face and online

Freedom to Study on State University Campuses

Budi Luhur University has collaborated with the best State Universities in Indonesia within the Student Exchange Program

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