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In times of financial crisis, people believe turning to government agencies and banks for help is not a good choice as the process of acquiring loans from such bodies could be daunting; they might be ineligible to take up loans or the loans might not suit their needs. Because people are aware of the stress attached to these bodies, they often consider taking up loans from nearby moneylenders in Bugis. However, it is very crucial they are able to differentiate between licensed moneylenders and the unlicensed ones, especially in Singapore where rigid laws are adopted. Unlicensed moneylenders are otherwise known as loan sharks.

Legal money lender in Singapore Money Lender Bugis like SU Credit Pte Ltd , are the best because of the broad variety of flexible loan products and services they offer coupled with the fact that their modus operandi is in accordance with the Moneylenders Act imposed by the Singaporean government.

The services they offer include:

Why Choose Them?

Being a victim of the so-called loan sharks could be a frustrating experience. When looking out for loans from moneylenders, it is advisable that people do proper research to avoid stories that touch. Below are some of the reasons you should consider bugis money lender .

  • Physical Office

One of the things people are expected to do is to check if a self-acclaimed moneylender has a physical office they could visit once pre-approved. Visiting and confirming a lender’s physical location should bring some calmness as it gives assurance they are operating legally. Moreover, the document that authorizes their operation could be requested for if they do not display one.

Their office is located at 175, Bencoolen St, #01-36, Burlington Sq, Singapore 189649

You may call them via 6636 5644 for inquiries.

  • No Pre-termination Charge

As a recommended licensed money lender Bugis, they offer their customers a flexible repayment plan solely for their convenience. They give their customers the grace to pay all their debts at once even if they can afford to which are in accordance with the Moneylenders Act. Doing this opens the opportunity to be eligible for higher loans in the future.

It is crucial to be wary of any moneylenders that do not make such provision available as they are likely going to be a loan shark and want you to pay more than you should.

  • We Follow Credit Bureau

We advise all customers to take loans they can afford to pay and we do not force a certain amount on them. This is based on the Credit Burea order in Bugis that the loan amount must be based on the regular annual salary.

However, loan sharks want their patronizes to be in continuous debts and will promise loans larger than their capacity.

How To Apply For Our Loans

  • Go to their website and click on the drawdown menu to your right where you can select the type of loan you want to apply for.
  • On the following page, fill correctly the application form and request a callback.
  • You will get a call from our representative who reviews your application and guide you through the next step.
  • Submit the required documents at our office for verification.
  • Wait for us to get you approved (less than 30 mins) after which you sign a contract. You are advised to read and understand this.
  • Congratulation! You can proceed to collect your loan cash at the cashier alongside the receipt.


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