Build a Basketball Court at Your Home with Just Seven Easy Steps

Did you know you can convert your outdoor area and driveway area into a beautiful basketball court just at your home? It doesn’t matter whether you have a perfect room or full regulated space, you can still convert your open space into an amazing indoor basketball court. You don’t need to go to any outside sports club far away, creating an indoor basketball court isn’t that tough. It can be easily made by setting just 2 poles hoops on an open surface and you are good to go for basketball. If you have the whole plan and material ready with you, consult the expert Home Basketball Court Brisbane Company for further ideas.

Home Basketball Court Brisbane

Things you will require:

  • Two basketball poles.
  • Court stencil kit, spray paint and tape.
  • Measure tap
  • Four stakes.
  • Concrete or any carpet
  • Shovel to compress the soil and concrete.

Below are the easy steps for making an indoor basketball court:

  • Assume specific size you want to build:

Basketballs courts are usually of size 94ft *50ft, divide according to your need. Make sure you have an even and flat surface.

  • Buy basketball hoops:

It can be easily purchased from offline and online stores, and Hoops are generally adjustable so, you can adjust heights accordingly.

  • Mark your measured dimensions:

Survey and mark the dimensions using a tape measure.

  • Clear out dirt and make an even surface:

It’s important to have an even and flat surface without any dirt and granites on the surface.

  • Prepare concrete mixture:

It usually takes 36 hours to dry the concrete mixture and be sure to install hoops when the concrete is wet for durability.

  • Use paint lines for markings:

If you have a stencilling kit, draw 2 to 3 inches thick lines surrounding the whole court.

Indoor Basketball Court Melbourne

What can be the material used in an indoor basketball court?

You can make a basketball court of your own choice and functionalities. There are numerous flooring materials available in the market that are best suitable for the basketball court such as hardwood surface, acrylic, artificial carpet and many more.

Concrete is considered to be the best and durable material for better grips and running.

How much does indoor basketball court costs?

The cost of a basketball court depends upon the size and materials you use to build. It might cost around $10,000. If you are planning to build a full court that is highly customised with nets, then costs might go up to $25,000. If you are interested in building just half court using concrete, then it costs from $5000 to $6000.

Benefits of the indoor basketball court:

  • You can practice inside if you have indoor basketball without weather interruption.
  • It prevents accidents caused due to wet floors.
  • It encourages students to participate in sports and athletes.
  • It helps in developing sports habits.
  • Multiple sports can be played such as volleyball, inline hockey, tennis, badminton and many more.
  • It provides indoor neighbourhood and children safety.
  • You can utilise the basketball court for doing exercises and full-body workout.


If you are a sportsperson or workout freak and enthusiastic about making an indoor sports area, then consult the professional Indoor Basketball Court Melbourne company for making your work easy and hassle-free.

Source: Build a Basketball Court at Your Home with Just Seven Easy Steps

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