Build Luxurious Fragrance Wardrobe for Changing Seasons to Make Striking Impression

In summers you can smell fresh, sweet, and mesmerizing flower scents in the air. This energetic vibe changes during monsoon when everything seems to be damp and wet. And when you hear winter is coming, it sends shivers down your spine. Just like the season change, so does your dressing. From breezy bright colours to dark, warm jackets, you completely change the style of your wardrobe. When you put so much effort into choosing the right style for each season, why do you use the same fragrance all around the year?

Well, we are not here to embarrass you on your fragrance choices, instead, we want you to know that you must build a fragrance wardrobe based on the changing seasons. Each season calls for a different but the most luxurious and the best roll on perfume that leaves you smelling heavenly all day long. Now, without much further ado, here is a small and simple guide for choosing lavish fragrances for different seasons.

· Vibrant and Energetic Summer: To smell out of this world even on the hottest day of summer, you must use a gorgeous citrusy fragrance. This will make you feel fresh, cool, and calm bringing in more energy for the whole day.

· Wet Monsoon: If you don’t want to smell like a wet rag when you reach your office or college, make sure to use fragrances that have spicy notes. For example, oriental scent with cinnamon and other such spicy scents.

· Warm Winters: Use fragrances with woody notes to get some heat and warmth under your clothes and to smell fabulous.

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