Build Your Custom Dream Home Now 

Have you always dreamt of a gourmet kitchen, a walk-in wardrobe with a shoe gallery, and a cinema room in your home? Well, you can have all and every other thing you’ve ever dreamed of by creating your own custom dream home now. 

The good thing about custom designed homes is that they can be built to meet your every want and desire in a dream home. This is especially if you find the right contractor for the project. 

Indeed, there are various reasons why now is the best time to build your dream home. In this article, we’ll discuss some of these reasons and why. After reading them, we are pretty sure you’ll be wondering why you hadn’t considered building your dream home sooner. Read on to discover more exciting information. 

Low-Interest Rates

At this point, the real question is no longer will interest rates increase, but now it is by how much they will increase. Over the years, the housing market has been spoiled with low-interest rates. However, with the high inflation, the Federal Reserve will continue to increase the interest rates until inflation is contained. This will keep putting pressure on mortgage interest rates all through the year. 

Most people refinance their homes over the life of the loan, so if interest rates were to reduce in the future, you could always take advantage of lower rates by refinancing. 

Materials and Labor Costs

With the world presently experiencing a commodity boom, the price for construction materials has experienced a significant decrease, creating the perfect opportunity for owner builders looking to build their dream home to do so now. 

Great Land Price

Over the past few years, vacant land supply has been at its lowest recorded level and has continued to worsen. The supply chain issues and lengthy approval process have pushed the timeline for when more lots will come online.

With Old World being a build-on-your-lot home builder, it has been noticed that the trend of land available for custom homes has continued to reduce since 2008. There are few new developments that large regional or national home builders do not control, making it more challenging for customers to find traditional build-ready lots in subdivisions.

Most land available for custom homes is now found on non-traditional lots like tear-downs, lot splits, large vacant parcels, etc.

 Available Trades

There are many trade workers available, which lowers the labor cost, giving you a high chance of getting a better pricing deal along with reasonable terms and conditions. This will, however, not last long as more and more people realize that building their dream home right now is an actual reality. Choose to build now, and you can see your dream home come to fulfillment within a few months.


When building the home you’ve always dreamed of, skilled and experienced builders are crucial to the success of the home appearing and feeling just as you’ve always dreamed. Not choosing the right builder will leave you with a house that doesn’t even look like your dream. So, ensure to choose a unique homes builders who knows what they are doing and has a strict quality assurance check. 

Indeed, now is the best time to do it if you are ready and capable of building.

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