Building Capacity in NZ’s Not-For-Profit Community

NFP believes that truly effective fundraising starts with empowered not-for-profit organisations

Our goal is to build fundraising and communications capacity in your organisation so you can generate sustainable revenue to enable you to best fulfil your purpose.

We build solutions by really getting to know you, valuing your uniqueness and working alongside you to share our skill and knowledge so you are empowered to work more effectively in the fundraising space.

We position your organisation for long-term success. We focus on harnessing opportunity, streamlining activity, problem-solving and generating systems and processes so you can most effectively fundraise going forward. Fundraising Non Profit NZ

We have a strong history of supporting not-for-profits across Christchurch, Canterbury and throughout New Zealand.


We understand that you may be facing fundraising challenges or have opportunities you want to harness. At NFP we build solutions tailored to your organisation to help you generate sustainable revenue.

Communications and Marketing

We know you want to engage with and celebrate your supporters, show the impact you create and get more people to connect with you. We can make that happen for you by providing solutions that increase donor engagement and drive loyalty. Fundraising Professional NZ

Organisational Review and Change Management

We can work with your Board and management to develop processes and structure, set priorities that support fundraising and create a team culture that strives for excellence. By really understanding you, we can help you reach your organisational goals.

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