Building Maintenance & Plumbing Services

Fundamentally, building facility management services can be categorized as integrated facilities management services and specialized services management. The non-core services comprise the facility management and can be outsourced to any other firm. It is, in general, inclusive of all essential things needed, except products and services produced by it. This may be through cleaning and maintenance of equipment, properties, buildings, furniture, interior set-ups, or communicating appliances. This service also includes safety and security services by trained professionals. Besides these, time-to-time inspections and identification of vulnerabilities, the development of policies, and methods for protecting information are also a part of these services. Involved in offering residential property management.

Techtimia also undertakes maintenance, construction, and modernization of buildings, minor and major repairs, and other day-to-day necessities. Techtimia specialized services include energy audits, which include comprehensive exploration of building and utility data. The strategic planning is carried out along with the projected energy saving perspective, with budget benefit analysis as well as a systematic evaluation of energy conservation measures.

building maintenance and plumbing services

building maintenance and plumbing services

Techtimia building maintenance work includes a wide variety of tasks depending on the particular sector, encompassing abundant back-end work that ensures the building or residence is absolutely functional and comfortable, which involves inspecting, repairing, and maintaining electrical systems, heating and air conditioning systems, and other utility services. Building maintenance also applies to the outside estate as well, which includes lawn maintenance and care, landscape management, and so on.

The Techtimia maintenance team is characteristically allocated tasks and responsibilities by their experience. The team comprises janitors, maintenance technicians, a maintenance supervisor, and managers. The works are carried out as per the scheduled plan; the works assigned are wisely completed within the time frame. The supervisors and managers review work orders as well as prioritize the maintenance work on a daily and weekly basis. Personnel issues such as interviewing, hiring, and training maintenance workers are carried out by the ones in HR and then they are placed according to their skills and experience.

building maintenance and plumbing services

building maintenance and plumbing servicesdign

Plumbing is an important aspect of a building, whether it is residential or commercial. The main aim of the plumbing service is to ensure that water comes in and out of the premises properly and efficiently. Though plumbing service is associated with water-related aspects, it is certainly not all that. It also includes the installation and maintenance of water heating systems like boilers, furnaces, and much more. In these sections, a faulty pipe or leakage in the piping obviously means seepage of the excess moisture inside the premise, which causes unwanted bacterial, or microorganism growth and multiplication. Techtimia expert team of professionals assesses and ensures that your building is equipped with a proper and well-maintained plumbing system, and also checks every aspect periodically and employs necessary measures to avert any major damage.

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