Bump Photography – Capturing the Intimacy of Expectant Parents 

A maternity photoshoot is a great way to capture the joy and excitement of an expectant mother. Not only that, but it is also a fantastic way to celebrate body changes during Pregnancy. With the advent of body positivity, most expecting mothers look to honor how their bodies are evolving more than ever.

As an expectant parent, you’ll agree with me that there’s nothing quite like capturing your baby bump on camera. Maternity pictures can be one of your most cherished family possession. The journey of Pregnancy involves several emotions and stages, and the feelings that come with capturing each phase can be priceless. However, how you shoot these photos can make all the difference in the quality of the shots. This article will highlight some guidelines expectant moms should follow for outstanding and memorable maternity pictures.


  • Use the right lighting


Proper lighting is key to everything. If you’re shooting in an indoor location or a studio, using ample soft light to shine on your subject and their baby bump will produce the most stunning and ethereal light results. However, it’s always best to make the most of natural light for an outdoor maternity shoot, especially around sunrise or sunset. Shooting during this hour provides a flattering soft, and warm light result.


  • Wear comfortable clothing 


For maternity shoots, it is best to wear comfortable clothes. Do not wear anything too tight or restricting, as you will likely be moving around a lot. Usually, baggy t-shirts and loose-fitting pants will do this type of shoot. Also, you might consider wearing clothes that’ll reveal the subject of the shoot. Come along with a few different changes of clothes in case you want to do some outdoor shots. 


  • Practice several maternity poses


As a family photographer, you need to be able to guide your client during their shoot by having different flattering poses and angles up your sleeve. It is, however, important to tailor these poses to the pregnant woman’s body type and comfort level. Some more common maternity poses include the silhouette pose, the natural pose, and the advanced pose. The silhouette pose involves the pregnant woman standing in front of a light background with the sun behind her to create a stunning silhouette effect. On the other, the natural pose means having the pregnant woman pose in a way that looks natural and comfortable. And lastly, the advanced pose is a more playful and complex pose that usually involves props or furniture.


  • Always remember to show off your baby bump


The main aim of a maternity photo shoot is the baby bumps. So do well to capture the moment by including shots of the pregnant belly. To achieve this, you can either have the mother stand in front of a plain background or use props to add interest. Ensure that you don’t forget to show off this beautiful bump. If hands-on belly shots don’t show the customer’s belly well enough, ask them to hold their belly in or out for a more pronounced look. 


A maternity shoot captures a particular moment in a couple’s life. An authentic maternity shoot is the best kind, so remember to be free in front of the lens by not taking it too seriously. This article has highlighted expert tips to help you capture perfect bump to baby photoshoot.

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