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Bundang Room Salon Pool Salon Advised Mill Chief

This really is the very first three-no-hardcore complete salon in Bundang Room Salon. We will take duty for your hot night with all the three-no-full sarong system which is hotter than the existing hardcore system. What’s 3 yellow? Generally, you could take pleasure in the pleasure that stimulates all five senses with all the high-quality sisters of your mill with no bra, no panties, and no stockings. In the Bundang Room Salon Mill, the confident size on the S-class ladies! Greatest facilities and finest service! We will make the top satisfaction with Ace unnies. Get extra information regarding 성남룸싸롱

Introduction of Bundang Pool Salon Mill System

Absolute Satisfaction Choice Pick out

the girl you like comfortably. If it really is hard to pick out, please clarify towards the manager in charge on the girl you desire and we are going to advocate it.

Brilliant declaration ceremony and lip service

Lip service starts having a hot declaration ceremony with a companion.

Hot lover mode and hot drinking

party A hot drinking party with a touch touch companion is in progress. Enjoy a drink together with your partner as a snack.

Love time in a hot room

Hot time alone with the highlight with the complete salon

Bundang Room Salon Bundang Pool Salon Mill

Bundang Grass Salon Mill Quote

90 minutes total room time!! (65 minutes 25 minutes) Frequent price tag not surprisingly A

Unlimited beer and drinks seasonal fruit snacks S-class service charge lip service Loom bread dating mode

Per individual: 260,000 (like room fee)

(A separate charge is charged for the card cost)

Mill Detailed Quote Table

Course A: Room time 65 minutes @25 minutes Total 90 minutes time ? 260,000 won per person

1 individual: beer snacks S-class lady hot @ complete course = current 260,000 (room fee included)

2 people: beer snacks S-class lady hot hot @ full course = existing 520,000 (room charge included)

3 people: beer snacks S-Class Lady Hot @ Complete Course = Existing 780,000 (Room Charge Incorporated)

4 people: Beer Snacks S-Class Lady Hot @ Complete Course = Present 1.04 million (Room Fee integrated)

More liquor

(A separate charge is charged for the card price tag)

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