Burglar alarm connected to the operations center

Do you want to be sure to protect your home in the right way even when you are not there? Choose the alarm connected to the operations center. In this article, we explain what it means and why you should choose an insurance policy number.

The burglar alarm connected to the operations center allows you to protect your home or shop 24 hours a day throughout the year. But how does this security system work? In this article, we will understand in more detail how it works and why this anti-theft device represents a valid solution for your security.

When using a burglar alarm connected to an operations center, the system installed inside a building interfaces directly with a protected place within which control and security activities are carried out. This type of anti-theft device provides the ability to have the situation under control even when you are away from your home or shop. The advantage, compared to anti-theft devices, is that you do not have to constantly monitor what is happening, but some professionals monitor the situation on your behalf and are ready to intervene in case of anomalies or intrusions.

An alarm connected to surveillance

The first step in securing your home is to install a surveillance camera system to monitor your home’s access points and interior rooms. For complete protection, it is recommended to implement your alarm system with an anti-theft device connected to an operations center, or surveillance. The alarm system connected to surveillance has a slightly higher cost than self-managed burglar alarms. In most cases, it is necessary to take out a subscription with the payment of a monthly fee, but the higher the cost, the greater the service. Precisely because it is a paid service we always have the guarantee that the surveillance intervenes in the event of an alarm.

The cheapest home anti-theft solutions, such as surveillance cameras with cloud storage, allow autonomous system management via telephone or APP. In the event of anomalies or intrusions, notifications are sent to the homeowner via message or call to warn that he is undergoing a theft. The main problem with this type of anti-theft device is that it is not always possible to intervene promptly to block intruders. Let’s try to imagine the case in which we are far from home and cannot reach the house in any way, or our smartphone is empty, thus preventing us from checking the situation and receiving alarm notifications: our security system would be completely useless.

The burglar alarm connected to the operations center, on the other hand, ensures complete protection day and night thanks to the surveillance institute that monitors and intervenes quickly in the event of an intrusion. When the alarm is triggered, a signal arrives directly to the Operations Center which verifies that there is indeed a problem and immediately intervenes. The alarm connected to the operations center can be installed in any public or private building. The fact that there is always someone educated and prepared to intervene in case of problems in the house or a shop, makes this burglar alarm safer than traditional alarms.

Operations center with security guards

When you are undergoing a theft or intrusion it is important to have expert professionals available who intervene in a very short time to block the intruder but also to support and reassure the victim of the intrusion. In this case, the burglar alarm connected to an operations center manned by security guards represents the ideal solution.

The connection with the security guards makes it possible in real-time to verify what is happening inside a home and to promptly intervene. In the event of an alarm, the security guards verify the urgency by calling the owner or checking the images and videos collected by the cameras. The role of the security guard is very important because he must immediately understand the situation and decide how to intervene, moreover he has the fundamental task of reassuring the victim of the theft until the emergency service arrives.

The burglar alarm connected to an operations center with security guards is an effective and quality security system, widely used for several reasons:

  • 24-hour control: security guards guard the operations center 24 hours a day, this guarantees total protection day and night.
  • Immediate intervention: real-time verification of what is happening in the home and consequent dispatch of police forces or emergency assistance. The advantage of verifying the situation in real-time is also to avoid false alarms and quickly reassure the homeowner.
  • Guaranteed privacy: security guards have access to videos and images only when the alarm is triggered, thus respecting the privacy of the customer who can always monitor the surveillance videos via Smartphone, Tablet, or PC.
  • Qualified personnel: security guards are people trained and qualified to deal with any type of emergency. They are ready to help the interlocutor deal with any problem pending the arrival of specialized personnel. Those who choose to use this type of anti-theft device feel safer and more confident precisely because the human factor is combined with technology.

The security systems connected to the operations center are constantly evolving and looking for more and more efficient solutions, to intervene the operators as fast as possible and incisive. The home is the most precious asset we have and it is important to protect it and secure our family members. Installing an alarm connected to an operations center guarantees you complete protection in the event of theft or emergencies, and gives you the peace of mind of being able to get away from home knowing that it is controlled and safe.

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