Burnout, Rebirth And The Weird Netherworld Between The Two (FS302)

What is it really like to be a successful entrepreneur? Can we even appreciate our success in this model of business? What are the costs and benefits that we do not always see?

Today on the show, we are joined by Tom Ross, the CEO and founder of Design Cuts who will taking us through the last few years in his life of entrepreneurship and giving us the real inside scoop on the highs and lows of his process.

In this episode, we unpack jumping into the entrepreneurial lifestyle, motivation, the drive to succeed, burnout and different areas of health that require our attention. We also shed some light on relationships and nurturing parts in your life besides business.

Tom gives us a lot of great insight and intimate details about his struggles with his health, what brought about these problems and how learning to manage his own type of ambition and drive has been key to finding more sustainable growth and success.

For this great chat, be sure to join us today!

Listen to the episode:

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • The conversation that sparked the discussion in today’s episode. [0:05:31.7]
  • Some of Tom’s business history over the last few years [0:07:00.2]
  • The idea of contentment and aiming for it with your own business. [0:13:45.4]
  • Tom’s early forays into entrepreneurship and the beginnings of Design Cuts. [0:15:29.6]
  • Early success, a history of underachieving and really, really long hours of work. [0:22:01.2]
  • The beauty of doing the work and execution motivation. [0:26:17.7]
  • The rat race and surrendering to the calling of creativity. [0:32:30.8]
  • Tom’s competitive streak and the steam to take the world on. [0:34:58.5]
  • Finding meaning in relationships as well as in work. [0:41:09.3]
  • Burnout, sickness and the horrible effects of overwork. [0:43:51]
  • The mental fallout of sickness and exhaustion. [0:51:40.7]
  • How Tom started to rebuild his physical and mental health. [0:55:05]
  • Advice to those trying to balance these factors better than Tom did. [0:59:35.3]
  • Revving to high on your own motivation. [1:07:31.2]
  • Saving time, clever marketing and scaling on your team. [1:15:15.7]
  • Improving every day for the rest of your life. [1:19:02.5]
  • And much more!


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