Burnt Taste and Harsh Hits: How to Deal with Common Vape Issues

Regardless of someone’s reason for vaping, and there are a lot of good ones, there’s one thing no vaper ever wants to encounter—burnt-tasting hits. Even for those who aren’t flavor chasing, those not specifically there for the vape juice flavors, burnt hits will pretty much always ruin the experience. That’s why knowing how to prevent burnt taste and harsh hits, and how to deal with them if they’re experienced, is an important part of a satisfying vape experience. Some of the most common causes of burnt hits are covered below.

Worn Out Coils

Among the most common causes of burnt hits is a worn out coil that hasn’t been changed recently enough. If you’re getting burnt hits, replacing the coil is often the wisest and most effective first step. Hopefully, you have extra coils on hand. Having extra coils for your mod available, regardless of how hits are tasting, is a good idea for every vaper.

New Coils, Unprimed

While old, worn out coils can be the culprit when drawing burnt hits, it can also happen with brand-new coils. Burnt hits from new coils are virtually always the result of a coil not being properly “primed.” Priming a coil is simply the act of saturating it with vape juice before using it. Taking hits from a coil that hasn’t been primed yet is not only a recipe for burnt-tasting hits, it can actually be bad for the coil. So be sure that your coil is thoroughly saturated with vape juice before each use.

Vape Hardware Needs Cleaning

On top of an old coil and a new, unprimed coil, burnt hits can also result from a dirty coil. A coil that gets a lot of use between cleanings can end up becoming coated in an accumulation of old vape juice buildup. Those deposits can add up sufficiently enough so that every time you’re taking a hit you’re also drawing burnt remnants of older juices. A clean device means better-tasting hits, so be sure to regularly maintain your vaping hardware.

Low Vape Juice

It’s not that hard to lose track of the amount of vape juice you have left in your tank. That’s particularly true when you’ve loaded it up with your favorite vape flavors. However, it’s important to have a decent idea of how much e juice you have left to avoid taking dry hits. Even if you don’t run entirely dry, dry hits, which leave a burnt, acrid taste, can begin once you dip beneath a quarter tank. Be sure to top off often enough.

Chain Vaping

Sometimes, for whatever reason, you’re just really feeling the vape. It could be a flavor you’re really into or it could be a post-stress nicotine break. But, unfortunately, chain vaping (taking hits repeatedly without sufficient pause time between them), can mean you’re vaping more juice than the wick is able to absorb. When that happens, you’re drying your wick out too much and getting burnt-tasting hits off of it. And you don’t want that to happen for a number of reasons, taste among them. Generally, it’s best to wait 30 seconds between hits. That’s not a hard, fast, unbreakable rule or anything, but it’s good to keep in mind to help ensure a quality experience.

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