Bus Advertising – Is It Effective?


Like the wheels on the bus, the bus ads go round and round. If you’re a commuter, rider on public transportation, or a walker/driver in a central neighbourhood, you’ve been exposed to bus advertising on a regular basis. There’s no avoiding it. Bus advertising is intended to reach out to customers in a straightforward and easy-to-understand manner. Bus advertisement focuses on fashion, food, hospitality, lifestyle branding, listings, upcoming events, and a variety of other topics. These messages can be found wrapped around a bus, in bus shelters, and inside the bus to encourage customers to look out. This advertising channel is so successful because of its wide reach, which allows it to reach almost everyone within sight.

Why Is Bus Advertising Important?

Bus advertising is a successful strategy for reaching out to on-the-go people. Advertisers choose bus advertising because it guarantees a wide reach at a low bus advertising cost, depending on the size, area, and duration of the bus. Because awareness of a product/service knows no gender, it is effective in reaching out to both men and women of different age groups. Of course, a bus ad for waxing strips from a mostly female company would appeal to women. Bus ads, on the other hand, are rarely gender-specific. They’re on display for all to see!

Bus advertising encourages audiences to act by providing additional incentives in the form of a call-to-action for consumers to explore the advertised brand. Bus advertising also encourages viewer interaction, particularly in bus shelter executions, by allowing them to communicate with and share the advertisement if it is well-designed.

Exterior Bus Ads

Exterior bus advertisements have the effect of rapidly reaching a large number of people. Their huge presence in an outdoor setting creates a lot of impressions for people who aren’t just commuters. When consumers are outside their homes, they are 33% more alert, making enduring brand impressions a crucial device. When it comes to exterior bus advertisements, there is no seasonality. On average, levels of awareness for bus ads in an outdoor space remain constant throughout the year. The effectiveness of the campaign is unaffected by the season.

Someone passing by an exterior bus ad will not look back if it is not immediately appealing. The aim is to leave a lasting impression on the viewer, something that they will remember later.

Interior Bus Ads

You could be the target of an interior bus advertisement if you manage to get a seat in the bus. Advertisements on the inside of buses reach a highly targeted demographic based on lifestyle, intention, and religion. After viewing an indoor bus ad, nearly 75% of consumers take action, which most likely involves visiting a website linked to the call-to-action.

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