Business Etiquettes

It is vital to be aware of business manners and courtesies when one steps out in the realm of any work place. There are a set of manners and rules to be followed in a professional environment. Some rules may seem like common sense but still people break them due to ignorance. If you follow these rules, you gain an edge over the others in this competitive era. It is also essential as to how you project yourself as it builds your image in the market.

Greeting everyone with kindness, offering a handshake, proper eye contact, remembering names, listening actively, practicing good hygiene, encouraging competition, not exploiting the workers, providing good working conditions are some of the factors to begin with appropriate business etiquettes.

Email Etiquettes- While writing an email, one should keep a check on the tone of the writing. As the receiver cannot see you, your piece of writing will give all the information about you. So the tone should be polite and respectful. Same applies for Telephonic Etiquettes too. The receiver cannot see you but just can hear you. So your inflection matters a lot.

Meeting Etiquettes- While leaving for a meeting, one should be on time and well prepared with the Agenda. Mobiles should be on vibrate or silent mode. Discussion should be brief and relevant. There should be no interruption.

Cubicle Etiquettes- When entering a colleague’s cubicle, ensure to knock before getting in, one should not just barge in. It is considered bad manners. Do not carry smelly eatables as it will spoil the atmosphere of the work place. Do not use speaker phones and make noise pollution, use headphones instead. One should also not loiter around after finishing their work. Show respect for the areas and items that you share with your co workers. Be mindful of how other people work.

Dress Etiquettes- One of the most substantial etiquettes to be presentable and visible. Dressing should always be formal or as per the dress code of the work place. Proper grooming is mandatory. There should be no bargain to this.

Proper eye contact along with positive hand gestures could enhance your body language. You should make your emotions visible and listen actively. Punctuality is the key to success. One should always be punctual and apologies if late. Inferior or slang language should not be used. Be a good team player and treat all your colleagues with respect and courtesy.

To be on the top of any business, it is essential for the workers to show respect not only to people but also to the place they work for. Maintaining the decorum of any business place, emits positive vibes to the customers.

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