Business Models To Implement In Your OYO Clone For a Rewarding Business

You probably wouldn’t need an explanation of what OYO rooms are. The popularity of the hotel booking app and your need to attain a similar level of success are the two things that have brought you here, I hope. Well, without disappointing you, I’ll discuss with you the two essential aspects of developing an app like OYO through this blog. 

oyo clone

Profitable business and revenue models of OYO 

Aggregator model: The aggregator model is what the OYO followed until 2018, and that’s when it started to be known by people. This model lets you connect with different hotels, room owners, property merchants and partner with them, to later sell the services under the specific brand. In this model, though you may get 25% of the share in the profit, lodgings and room proprietors will get a larger profit. 

Coming up next is the Franchise model. 

Franchise model: This is the current business model of OYO, and when you follow this model, you are the boss. Because you will be the one to set terms and offer plans and the place owner should follow it. This money-spinning model is where you get the incredible profit, as 90% of the revenue share will be taken by you.

If you are a startup, you could first start off with the aggregator model, and when you are sure that you have gained visibility, you can change to the franchise model. 

The cost to develop an app depends on various elements like app features, tech stack, the hourly cost of the development and specifically the number of hours needed for the Oyo rooms like app development process. So choose the features wisely and launch the app at a budget-friendly price.

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